Yanita Yaness is a young woman of exquisite vision, in love with beauty, style and perfection in all things. A close friend to Lynn, and sharing the same passion for beautiful home design, it was only natural for her to join ‘Adorable Home’ and dedicate her efforts to enriching the content of the blog. Her personal “touch” is introducing new practical DIY ideas and solutions for a unique home interior, as well as original interior designs from all over the world. She has the incredible ability of discovering beauty in even the smallest and unnoticeable things all around us and bringing that beauty into the focus of the blog readers’ attention. She’s a passionate fan of the vintage and retro style, yet a quite modern ‘material girl’, with eyes and mind wide open for the modern world fashion, news, and events. In her spare time she likes doing aerobics, dancing and spending time with her friends, and …she loves her cat!

Articles by Yanita: