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Choosing between different types of wooden flooring

Wooden flooring can make a house into a home with its warmth and color. A wooden floor is truly an asset, easy to keep clean and can last a long time if cared for correctly, but choosing the right type of wooden flooring for your home can be a chore with all the options that are currently available. We came up with an useful guide to common types of wooden flooring that are sold today to see which might suit your home and living space.

Solid wooden flooring

Solid wooden flooring is a fantastic choice for almost any area of your home. Made from sold pieces of wood that have been machined into high quality pieces that fit together to form a durable and warm floor surface. A solid wood floor will outlast any carpet and can be made from a variety of wooden materials – Oak is a popular choice for wooden floors due to its beautiful grain and hard wearing nature.  A solid wood floor is a true investment for your home and a pleasure to own.

Engineered wooden flooring

An engineered wooden floor costs less than its solid wooden counterpart and the results can be just as attractive. Manufactured from layers of high quality timber, sandwich style – an engineered wooden floor can actually last longer than a solid floor as it should not shrink or move as a wooden floor might. Suitable for almost any room in your home an engineered wooden floor is made to last, looks great and is warm to walk on.

Laminate wooden flooring

Laminate wooden flooring is a popular choice for many home owners, due to the fact that it is lower in cost than both types of flooring that we have already talked about. Laminate floors are an attractive and durable solution for your home. Laminate flooring is quick to install, easy to clean and needs very little maintenance. This type of flooring is available in many styles and color combinations to match your home décor plan.

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