Outside Nature is still showing off in the vibrant colors of the fall, yet the festive spirit of Christmas is already upon us. After the autumn holidays orange splash of colors, it’s time now to think about the Christmas color schemes.

Christmas is jolly, magical and beautiful and so are the Christmas colors. Traditionally, the Christmas color palette features the colors of Nature dominant in winter, green, red and white, displayed in infinite combinations. Yet, why not try some non-traditional Christmas color combos this year?!

We have gathered for you 15 Christmas color schemes beyond the traditional, and we are sure you’ll love them!

All White Christmas Decor
Image credit: Hayneedle

All White Christmas

No matter where you live, you can always have a magical snowy Christmas by introducing this elegant seasonal color palette.

It involves various shades and tints of this color – from crispy to soft off-white and dove grey which, in combination with just a few accents in silver and gold, will bring a sophisticated charm to your Christmas home décor.

White tulle, ribbons, bows, textured or metallic Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas wreaths in all shades of white…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Tip: In the all-white theme you can still incorporate elements of non-white colors, too, by slightly dusting them with white spray for a beautiful frosty touch.


White and red Christmas decor
Image credit: Pink Peonies

White + Red

White and red are two of the traditional Christmas colors, together with green. Exclude or replace the latter and you’ll end up with a most original Christmas décor in jolly red and tender white.

From white artificial Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, ribbons and bows in vibrant red, to ‘frosted’ Christmas wreaths featuring red berries and Scottish tartan, and Christmas presents wrapping paper in white-and-red stripes or polka dots, this white+red color combination will bring fresh and festive look in your home this Christmas.

Tip: You may still add a bit of green, by introducing a few natural green or silver fir branches. Another option is to replace green with beige and soft brown, and add a few metallic decorations in brass.


White and Green Christmas Decor
Image credit: Anneli Bush

White + Green

This is yet another color combo, deriving from the traditional Christmas color combinations through excluding one of the traditional colors.

This time, for a softer and close-to-nature look, you can exclude the red. In this way, you can have a lush green Christmas tree that will ‘steal the show’ with its natural beauty. And it won’t even need much decoration on! A few ornaments in white will be enough.

On the other hand, the mantel and table centerpieces can have a white base, featuring sparkling green glass ornaments, natural green branches, etc. decorative elements in shades of green.

Tip: For a more festive look, introduce a few accents in silver, or use silver spray.


Black and White Christmas Color Scheme
Image credit: Little Inspiration

Black + White

This color combination may seem a bit too non-conventionally Christmas, true! But remember that it’s called classical for a reason!

If you are all for style, why not have a classy Christmas in black and white?! Not only your Christmas décor will be unique, but you can make it even fun by presenting it in lots of smart ways.

Have a white artificial Christmas tree. It’s an eco-friendly option, and there’s something so magical in its look, too!

And since it’s all about breaking the traditions, decorate it with non-traditional ornaments in black, such as big-size letters of light wood or even carton, painted in black. Or, wrap the tree with a spiral of few black ornaments and sparkling black garlands. Also a beautiful effect!

Finally, add some fun by wrapping the Christmas presents in wrapping paper in black-and-white stripes or polka dots.

Tip: You can ‘customize’ your Christmas tree with the a.m. letters as much as you want! Those could be the initials of the names of your loved ones, or popular Christmas phrases.


White and Brown Christmas Decor
Image credit: 2Modern

White + Brown

One of the top trendy Christmas color schemes this year is the rustic look, featuring natural soft brown and crispy white.

Go eco with a non-traditional Christmas tree, Christmas wreaths and centerpieces all made of natural branches and tree bark, and decorate with white ornaments also made of natural materials, such as yarn pompons, paper balls, white sprayed brown pine cones, etc.

Wrap Christmas presents in burlap or in brown (why not even recycled!) paper, and tie with burlap or twine.

For a more festive spirit, sprinkle lavishly with gold. It’s Christmas!

Tip: Brown can also be represented through all-natural materials used in the home décor, such as wooden, rattan and rustic items and decorations, complementing the white+brown Christmas decoration.


Green and Brown Christmas Color Scheme
Image credit: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Green + Brown

This color combination is strongly nature-inspired and brings a soothing rustic feel and ambiance.

Again, a natural Christmas tree should make the centerpiece of your Christmas décor, while the ornaments etc. decorations should also follow the natural theme both, in material as well as in design.

Tip: Use brown recycled paper etc. recycled materials and objects to make your own Christmas decorative items. You’ll have a lot of fun if you involve the entire family in completing the task!


Green and Orange Christmas Decor
Image credit: Houzz

Green + Orange

Strange, but such a fresh and jolly color combination! Somehow exotic, too, wouldn’t you agree!

Your green Christmas tree and wreaths will literary light up when adorned with orange ornaments, little branches with orange berries, and gold-orange garlands.

Wrapping paper can also be involved in the color theme. Wrap the Christmas presents either in green-only or orange/gold –only paper, or use paper in orange and green or orange and gold patterns. Use ribbons and bows of either color for a final touch.


Pink and Green Christmas Decor
Image credit: Lilly Pulitzer

Pink + Green

A great color combination idea for the Christmas decoration in the children’s room. It will unleash your kids’ imagination and take them to fantasy worlds where everything is unusual and in bright colors.

Use wrapping paper in exotic patterns not only for the kids’ Christmas presents, but also for making some Christmas decorations. Better even, involve the kids in making these! They’ll love it!

This theme goes so perfectly well with the delicious Christmas candies, too!


Blue and Green Christmas Color Combo
Image credit: Bower Power Blog

Blue + Green

This fresh and beautiful color combination is perfect for Christmas décor in beach houses and cottages.

It matches very well the overall nautical theme of the interior design style, but also reminds in a subtle way of the endless blue winter sky and of the blue haze of the ice.


Blue and Purple Christmas Decor
Image credit: DesignRulz

Blue + Purple

Bold and vibrant color combination introducing a Christmas décor in a surprising style somewhere between French rococo and Carnevale di Venezia.

In darker hues, these colors create a velvet feel of a mysterious starry night, so well in tune with the Holy Night spirit of the holidays.

When used in lighter tints and shades, however, they bring a flamboyant excitement that matches the jolly mood of the New Year’s Eve parties and carnivals.


Pink and Silver Christmas Color Combination
Image credit: Martha Stewart

Silver + Pink

Surprisingly, this color combination takes us back in time and adds some vintage Christmas feel and ambiance.

Vintage silver or galvanized-metallic items can be used to hold and display various Christmas decorations and centerpieces, featuring candy-pink decorative ornaments.

To fully experience the nonconventionality of this color theme, go for an artificial Christmas tree in either faux silver or faux pink, lavishly decorated with pink and silver ornaments.


Silver and Gold Christmas Decor
Image credit: Design Improvised

Silver + Gold

Metallic items and color tints only might seem too cold and impersonal for a Christmas décor, but they have the fabulous feature of neutrality which makes it possible to introduce them to and match them with any color, texture etc. material.

Besides, they beautifully match any other décor style, too!

On the other hand, gold and silver are the colors of splendor, lavishness and abundance.

To have these in your home, this year let your Christmas shine in gold and silver.


Multicolor Christmas Decor
Image credit: Bright Bazaar


Multicolor translates to fun, and joy, and happiness, and good time…

And that’s exactly what family Christmas is all about, isn’t it?!

No other seasonal holidays brings that much joy and festive mood as Christmas does, so this year why not express your happiness through a jolly multicolor Christmas decoration!


Ombre Christmas Decor
Image credit: Hayneedle


Having the Christmas decoration in tones of a color that gradually shade into each other from light to dark is a most charming and original idea.

Representing this elegant color theme on the Christmas tree first, will set the color palette that you can use in the entire home décor for the seasonal holidays, too.


Rainbow Christmas Tree
Image credit: Lines Across


This is another festive color combination featuring the flamboyant beauty of the multicolor and the subtle charm of the ombré color palettes, through introducing the natural glamor of the colors of the rainbow.

Using Christmas ornaments, you may choose to show the entire rainbow spectrum, or a band of only a few successive colors.

In either case, you will have a magical and colorful Christmas.


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