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39+ Attic Living Room Ideas and Tips

You are probably familiar with the ‘attic living room ideas’ craze. People all over the world are now utilizing their discarded attic space and capitalizing on the endless options it provides. And why not?! With some heavy dusting, a few coats of paint, and a keen eye for furniture placement you can transform your attic into just about anything.

In-line with the contemporary tendencies in interior planning and design, the attic can be transformed in an ultimately cozy space where friends and family can spend time and have fun together. First off, the privacy it provides is priceless! On the other hand, the large open-plan space and the abundance of light allows introducing and positioning of any furniture set and building any desired interior to match the everyday habits and the aesthetic taste of the inhabitants of the house.

It can be a young family’s retreat, furnished with a set of a small coffee table, a comfy sofa and a couple of sitting puffs, complemented by a soft carpet and matching lights.

Or it can be a gentleman’s statement room, furnished in minimalist style with furniture items of clean lines and almost stern design.

It can be a cozy nook for an elderly couple to relax, read a book or watch a favorite TV-show without being disturbed; or a youngster’s place to meet friends for a drink and have a party.

The attic provides the excellent opportunity of actually having a second living room. Many would seize this opportunity to create an extra space for showcasing their extra ideas.

So, open the roof by adding a skylight and you’ve got a gorgeous relaxing place to sit and gaze at the stars.

These attic living room ideas will surely inspire you

White Attic Living RoomImage credit: Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Scandinavian attic living roomImage credit: Planete Deco

Attic living room design with bean bagsImage credit: Evermotion

Modern attic living room ideaImage credit: HomeDSGN

Adorable attic living roomImage credit: Mademoiselle

Oddly shaped attic living roomImage credit: Planete Deco

Minimalist attic living roomImage credit: usual house

Cozy attic living roomImage credit: InsideOut

Attic living room with exposed beamsImage credit: Skeppsholmen

Cute attic living roomImage credit: DivianArts

Attic living room with eclectic designImage credit: Berlingske

Elegant attic living roomImage credit: Mandarina

Tiny attic living roomImage credit: plndesign.pl

Colorful attic living roomImage credit: Lakber Magazin

Attic living room with industrial featuresImage credit: InterierMAG

Simple attic living room designImage credit: IdeasDesign

Attic living room with a library wallImage credit: Deccoracion

Minimalist Scandinavian attic living roomImage credit: Archello

Contemporary attic living roomImage credit: ArchDaily

Country attic living roomImage credit: ElMueble

Attic living room with wooden beamsImage credit: sfgirlbybay

Attic Living Room With Wooden BeamsImage credit: AD

Attic living room in a lake houseImage credit: Signature Design

Attic living room with a wooden roofImage credit: Gessato

Nordic attic living roomImage credit: Alvhem

Attic Living Room Designed in Scandinavian styleImage credit: Home-Designing

Midcentury Attic Living RoomImage credit: Dwell

Scandinavian style attic living roomImage credit: sköna hem

Scandinavian attic living roomImage from the article: A Black and White Loft to Die For

Attic living room with exposed brick wallImage credit: inspiringhomeideas.net

Attic living room in brown colorImage credit: Livinator

White attic living roomImage credit: Alvhem

Attic living room with glass wallsImage credit: www.irvinpelletier.org

Attic living room in brown and greenImage credit: HGTV

Spacious attic living room in 3DImage credit: Vrayworld

White Perl Contemporary Designed Challet
Image credit: Boutiq Chalets

Attic living room with all wooden ceilingImage credit: CasualLiving.ca

White attic living room with colorful carpet and furnitureImage credit: HGTV

Scandinavian attic living roomImage credit: Mansarda

White attic living room with wooden floors Image credit: Home-Designing

High ceiling attic living room
Image credit: Tracy Hardenburg Designs

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