Beautiful tiny apartment discoveries
Beautiful tiny apartment discoveries
Charming feminine living room
Rustic Charm with a Feminine Touch

The Loft Chronicles: A Black and White Loft to Die For

Another twist on monotone interior gets rave reviews from us as one of the hottest lofts we have seen to date!

This black and white loft, located in Sweden, features various textures and shapes that inspire contemporary designs in an ethnic way.

The attic design promotes a casual feel that is almost impossible to not invite friends over for. It may seem as though some of the features of this loft will clash at any second, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The living room area brings us the most action with a black and white geometric rug that functions as a centerpiece. The rug spreads its inspiration throughout the room through the peppered furniture and printed pillows.

Black and White loft to die for
Black and white apartment - living-dining-room
Black and white apartment - living room sofa
Black and white apartment - internal staircase
Black and white loft - dining area

The dining room chairs sport a balancing brown texture to break up some of the consistent black and white.

Black and white loft to die for - view from the sofa
Black and white apartment - the kitchen
Black and white apartment - entry
Black and white apartment - master bedroom
Black and white apartment - attic master bedroom
Black and white apartment - bedroom decor
Black and white apartment - view from the window of the master bedroom
Black and white apartment - 2nd floor bedroom
Black and white apartment - 2nd bedroom
Attic bedroom in a black and white loft
Attic storage room
Scandinavian decor
Images found on: Planete Deco (website in French)

This black and white loft is perfect for a person who likes to keep it simple with a few statement décor pieces that liven up the place in a toned down way.


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  1. tinagleisner says:

    Absolutely gorgeous & love the creativity finding & using available storage space; a real inspiration for anyone who wants/needs more space