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Tiny Attic Studio in Paris
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Design Trends to Make Your Garden Pop This Summer

A house with a garden is a dream property. Spending time gardening or enjoying the beauty of Nature is always rewarding. Those luckiest of all to have a property with its own garden know how valuable this asset is. Of course, a home garden needs good maintenance and care, but landscaping is crucial. And just as with interior designs, here too, there are trends and design subtleties that may turn your green plot into your own Garden of Eden.

Whether you are looking to do a complete garden re-design or simply want to update the look of your garden,  we’ve compiled some of the must have trends to look out for this summer.

Bold colors will remain popular

Although the use of natural colors and finishes has been a staple of garden design for many years, many people are now choosing bright and vibrant colors to make their gardens stand out from the crowd.

Colorful balcony

Muted tones such as browns, greens and grays are perfect for garden fences and sheds, but try switching it up a little with your garden furniture. There is now a whole range of colors to choose from when searching for garden furniture, and you can even update tired looking fixtures and furniture with some bold paint or varnish to create pops of color and focal points in the space.

Alfresco Dining

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy the garden, with alfresco dining set to become one of the biggest trends this year. Creating an outside space in which to cook and entertain friends and family will become must-have garden features this year, with dedicated areas for eating and relaxing, and for cooking.

Dining outdoors

BBQ’s and pizza ovens are good choices for cooking, while pergolas, gazebos and verandas are popular eating and relaxing areas. The key to creating the perfect alfresco dining experience is providing comfy furniture, heating options if required and mood lighting to create the right ambiance.

Multiple use garden sheds

A big trend over the past few years was to change the standard garden shed from a storage area to a multi-functional space, and with technology advancing all the time this popularity is expected to grow.

Garden home office

Many people are now choosing to create multi-use spaces which have designated storage areas for garden equipment but also areas for other uses such as greenhouses, outdoor entertainment areas, summer houses and even games rooms or gyms.

Whether you are planning to adapt your existing shed or build a new one there are plenty of options available, from flat pack self-assembly units to professional installed structures that can be custom made to your specifications and needs.

Growing your own vegetables

With people now looking at eating healthier and wanting to know where their food comes from there has been a big resurgence in growing your own vegetables over the past few years.

Growing vegs in the garden

There is a variety of herbs and vegetables that can be easily grown in the garden from tomatoes and cucumbers to cabbage and spinach, making it a great pastime for green fingered gardeners. Seasonal vegetables can also be planted giving you a variety of food all year round.

Starting to grow your own vegetables is easy, start off with some window boxes of herbs and expand from there. Set aside a patch of garden to do some experimenting or build a greenhouse and start growing.

Solar lighting continues to be popular

Solar lights have come a long way over the last couple of years and are now one of the most cost effective and easy to install lighting for the garden. Available in single lights to light pathways and driveways and chain lights to light up bigger spaces, solar lighting is now one of the most popular lighting solutions for the garden.

Garden string loghts

Solar hubs also allow you to charge mobile phones, tablets and torches allowing you to spend more time in the garden. Solar lights and hubs are safe and inexpensive, and are perfect for creating the right atmosphere to relax and unwind in.

Welcoming nature into your garden

Many gardeners are aware of the declining numbers of bees and butterflies, but it is also important to welcome other animals into your garden. Taking time to research and adjust the types of plants and flowers you use in your garden will better support local wildlife, giving them some much needed food and shelter.


Some of the things to consider are to restrict or stop the use of harmful insecticides, grown native berries and seed-producing plants and set aside a small area of your garden to let grow; this will provide natural shelter and foraging areas for wildlife.

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