Style, innovation, and color come together to create this unique design of patio furniture. With a common dream and goal in mind, French furniture manufacturer EGO Paris and designer Fabrice Berrux partnered up to create a blend of social pieces with a modern flare.

Pulling inspiration from the way a hive works, the hexagonal shapes and how they fit perfectly together in any situation, the two teams came up with a modular outdoor furniture set; The Hive Collection.

Colorful patio furniture Modular patio furniture

The hexagonal furniture pieces all take on the exact same shape, just in various sizes. Each piece contributes a different use to the collection; a bench seat, a couple of loungers, a few tables, and an ottoman.

Miraculously, the pieces can all be rearranged to work in different social environments. The designers created a few signature arrangements to help people along; The Confident, The Conversation, The Discrete. Each arrangement offering different benefits, depending on the level of social gathering.

The actual structural makeup of the modular outdoor furniture is a reinforced aluminum, making each piece strong but light enough to easily carry. The material also helps against the environmental elements, preventing rusting and other undesirable affects. The aluminum bases can be customized in color, giving the option to choose from any finishes available from EGO Paris’ wide range of materials.

Hexagonal furniture set Modern ooutdoor furniture set

The massive cushions are a signature touch and mimic the same hexagonal design as their bases. As for the fabric of the outdoor furniture set, consumers are able to choose from tons of stunning, vibrant prints that are included in the Missoni Home Fabrics line.

Being able to customize not only the arrangement of the hive shaped pieces, but also the color and fabric allows owners to match their furniture set to their home as well as their own personal tastes.

Hexagonal patio furniture Modern modular patio furniture High quality patio furniture

Credits: Studio and location shots by Arnaud Childeric – studio Kalice

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