Did you know that the average person doesn’t get the required amount of sleep suggested for proper health? Children should be getting anywhere from 10-16 hours a night, depending on their age. And adults should be getting around 7-8 hours each night, at minimum. So ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep?

Girl sleeping

Don’t feel bad. Often, it’s not anything you’re doing. Sometimes it’s the quality of the bed or mattress that impedes your rest. So how do you rectify this? Buy a new bed and make sure it meets all of your needs.

After a discussion with BedSoS, a known professional in this industry, we put together this great guide to buying a new bed, mattress, and even pillow.

#1 What is your top priority?

Before heading out and purchasing a brand new bed, think about your needs and what your priorities are. Is price important to you? Do you have a certain budget to keep in mind? What about your health? Are there specific things to consider like hypoallergenic products for those who are sensitive to dust?

Above all, you should definitely put size high on your list of priorities. Measure your bedroom and decide what’s the maximum size of bed you can fit. There’s nothing worse than buying a fabulous new bed only to get home and realize it doesn’t fit.

Having all of these things sorted and creating your own bed buying guide will make the experience much better and easier.

#2 What do you use your bed for?

Laptop and coffee on the bed

I know this sounds like a silly question, right? The answer is obviously sleeping. But for some, it’s not as simple as that. So, ask yourself what do you really use your bed for, besides sleeping? Do you sit up for a few hours each night while reading a good book? Perhaps you use the space to work from home on a laptop or write papers for school.

Whatever the case may be, if your bed has more than one use, you should keep these things in mind when looking around. Some beds have comfortable headboards to support your back as you sit up and read. Others have nifty functions that allow you to change the shape of the mattress, turning it into more of a recliner for those hours spent working or writing.

#3 Consider the size of the bedroom and the overall décor

Small narrow bedroom

It may seem minimal, but making sure your new bed matches the furniture and décor of your bedroom, even home, will matter to you. Whether you think it will or not. If your bedroom is filled with natural wood finishes and chrome fixtures, then try and search for a bed that matches these materials.

If you have a small bedroom, or perhaps a large one but it’s narrow, then plan ahead and figure out what size and shape bed will work best. If you have a small narrow room, then you’re better off going with a twin or double, at most.

If you have a partner who share the mattress, then try and get the largest size your room will accommodate as the bigger the bed, the less disturbance you get from the other person during the night.

#4 Do you need more bedroom storage?

Faux leather bed with storage

When dealing with small rooms it can be tough to get a larger bed in there comfortably. But if you really need one and are strapped for space, consider removing your dressers and opting for a storage bed. A storage bed will have large, spacious drawers or roll-outs underneath. They’re tucked away within unused space and open up your bedroom for a larger bed frame.

Also, when thinking of how to choose a bed frame, think about getting one that has drawers or open shelves built in. This could easily eliminate the need for bedside tables, thus creating even more room for your new bed.

#5 Mattress matters

Mattress matters

One of the main questions you need to ask yourself is how to choose a mattress. That’s the single most important aspect of your new bed and will determine the sleep experience you get. If you’re a back sleeper, go for something a little firmer as it will ensure your back a proper alignment.

If you’re a side sleeper, like most people today, a firm mattress won’t work for you because it doesn’t allow your spine to line up the way it should when on your side. Instead, look for a soft but supportive mattress like a memory foam one which will let you sleep comfortably on your side while absorbing your pressure points and giving support where needed.

With the incredible diversity of brands, styles and materials it’s tough to choose the best mattress for your specific needs. That’s why it’s best to test your mattress of choice before making a purchase!

#6 Choose the right pillow

Pillows on a bed

The same way a supportive mattress matters, so does a good pillow. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a great bed that aligns your spine just right. If your pillow is too high or too low, you’ll wake up with a sore back.

As a side sleeper, if your pillow is too thin, then your shoulder is going to dig into the mattress and your neck will rest in a bent position. Vice versa for pillow that’s too thick. It will raise your head up too high and bend your neck at an unwanted angle.

Instead, test out pillows at the furniture store and see what works best for the position you sleep in. Nowadays, you can get memory foam pillows which are great for just about any type of sleeper.

If you are not a fan of buying from local markets, you could just buy a pillow online. You might be worried about the quality of product but there’s nothing to worry about as there are a lot of pillow companies online that offer risk-free trials ranging from anywhere between 30 to 90 days. This allows you to buy with confidence knowing you can return the pillow if you don’t find it suitable for your sleeping preferences. If you are not sure about which pillow is right for you, you can take this pillow quiz and use it as a starting point.

We hope this bed buying guide has helped answer most questions you may have had and aided you in your decision to buy a new bed. Just remember to measure your room, list your wants and needs, and pick a great pillow to go with it.

And if you’re not sure, you can always visit your local furniture store and test out a few products. Don’t be shy, lay down, test them out. It’s the only way you’ll know for sure what works for you.

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