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Interior Design Essentials for Your Living Room

The living room is the most important room in the home. It is an innately social space for relaxing and spending most of the time as a couple, a family or even as a single person. So, when it comes to living room design ideas, it is essential to create a space where you can feel comfortably and truly at home.

Creating a living room décor that ticks all the right boxes will need a decorating plan that meets a broad range of needs, like multi-functionality, storage and more.

Let’s take a look at a few living room interior design essentials:

# Sofa

The sofa holds the undeniable top place on the living room design essentials list. No other furniture element could be more suitable for this particular room, and no other furniture piece would provide the comfort or would have the multi-functionality a sofa does.

Living room essentials
Image credit: Zulufish

Not only the sofa makes the focal point of the living room, but it is also the most needed furniture piece, too! You sit, sleep, jump, play or relax watching TV on the sofa! The design and the color of the sofa determine also the entire color palette and interior design solutions for the entire living room. Every other piece of furniture or accessory depends strongly on this single but most important element.

The sofa’s size and design will naturally depend on the size of your living room. Should you be lucky to have a large space available, you can choose for a long and L-shaped comfy sofa, which can be further complemented by a couple of matching armchairs and poufs.

If however size is an issue, there are a few more ‘modest’ variants to go for, such as a couch, a settee, an ottoman, or an upholstered davenport.

# Coffee table

Whatever sofa there is in your living room, it would look and feel somewhat ‘lonely’ and incomplete without a comfortable coffee table in front of it. Where would you otherwise rest your mug when you’re enjoying your morning brew or curled up in cold evenings with a glass of wine?!

Living room interior design essentials
Image credit: Studio Morton

The sizes and designs of coffee tables available on the market are almost infinite. From classical square wooden low-height tables, through round, oval, triangular etc. shapes of tables made of various materials, up to the latest interior design whims, you can choose a coffee table to match both your taste and needs.

# Cupboards

Present in almost every living room, cupboards have become one of those furniture components this space just can not do without.

Living room cupboard
Image credit: Park and Oak

First and foremost, they are highly multi-functional. Combining open shelves with closed compartments, they offer an ideal opportunity to both display and hide things.

On the other hand, coming in various designs and sizes, living room cupboards can be placed together or in separate sections, to fit the space best and to complement and highlight other furniture pieces.

# Flooring

You would certainly wish your living room to look out-of-the-magazine beautiful, but let’s not forget that this is also a highly functional room which will experience heavy footfall and its floor shall have to deal with its fair share of spillages. When choosing the perfect flooring, you will need something that looks great and provides plenty of comfort but can also withstand everything you and your family would throw at it.

Hardwood floors are a popular choice, but stone or ceramic tiles work too. Let’s not forget about the laminated floors! These have two major advantages: a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, and being easily maintained and cleaned.

Modern living room with colorful rug
Image credit: The Shelby Residences

As for floor coverings, carpets and rugs make it to the top of the living room essentials list, too. They help in defining and tying up the space. A vibrantly colored carpet can be anything from florals to stripes or geometrical shapes. Needless to say, a colorful carpet would best match furniture of uniform color. On the other hand, a carpet of uniform neutral color will allow the attention to settle onto other elements of the room.

Finally, and colors apart, consider size, too. A wall-to-wall carpet would best suit a much larger room, while smaller size carpets and even rugs would be an ideal option for smaller living rooms.

# Curtains

No matter what size your living room windows are and what views they offer, these should not be left bare and empty. Light and view through them can be and should be managed, for creating privacy and a more comfortable and cozier ambiance.

Living room with a window wall
Image credit: Toby Fairley

Consider using shutters, shades, blinds, curtains or drapery for this purpose. Curtains and drapery, on the other hand, add additional aesthetic charm and can be used to complete the overall interior design look of the room.

# Accessories

Your living room will come to life when you find a smart way to use the walls to display art and to introduce accessories in the right way.

Artwork and photographs bring living room walls to life, with grouped items adding impact, while large prints hung at eye level providing a focal point of the room.

Stylish living room design
Image credit: Chango & Co

Cushions are also an incredibly effective and easy way to add emphasis to the room, just find your perfect color combination.

For yet cozier feel, don’t miss on throws, either! Curling up in the living room with your favorite throw blanket on and a cup of steaming coffee, is one of the best experiences in a space you’d call ‘my home’.

Finally, don’t miss displaying personal knick-knacks, too. These will definitely create a sense of belonging, comfort and will add a very personal touch.

# Paint color

Choosing the paint/wallpaper color for your living room walls is an important decision. Many would start with it. Yet many designers would recommend this to be one of the last things to decide upon. Strange? Not at all!

With literally thousands of colors and shades available, it would be much better to get a feel for the room first. The natural light in every home is different, and this can play a huge part in how different colors will look. You’d also want a color that complements your existing upholstery, artwork, rugs and accessories.

Bright and spacious living room
Image credit: Marie Burgos Design

The colors you choose for your living room can have a huge impact on the feel of the space. Colors can energize or soothe the room ambiance. Soft tones like blues and whites will create a cool, calm feel, while vibrant reds and oranges will energize the space.

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