Wall art pieces, while a fabulous accompaniments to a space, are a conversation unto themselves. Each painting, poster and print conveys its own message, idea and mood through color, tone, texture and lines, adding to the ambience and vivacity of your room.

Hanging and displaying art is therefore an art in its own right; from scale and size, position and composition, how you paint your walls with framed artwork can determinedly decide how well it engages and fits into your space. Further, the activities and location of a space too play an important role in your decision making process, with each part of your home bringing its own constraints and guidelines.

As a thumb rule, less is more, especially in busier parts of your home. Larger frames work much better in visually and functionally busy spaces, while a collection of smaller frames are ideal for scaling down large empty walls. But more importantly, when picking your art and deciding how and where to display it, consider the line of sight and viewing distances available; an impressive grand painting needs deeper rooms and spaces than smaller artwork does.

The infographic here by Made outlines some basic rules of size, height and proportion that make sure you don’t go wrong at any step along the way.

How to Display Art in Your Home

Published in: Smart home | Author: Laleema