Moving to a desert climate region such as Arizona can be intimidating to those who aren’t used to extremes of heat and substantial cold. Luckily, a well-designed house can mitigate the worst of what the seasons will throw at you and keep you snug and cozy in winter, and cool and breezy in summer. For this reason, a suitable home design is crucial as it should accommodate the weather of the region appropriately.

Desert house
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The key, of course, is knowing what to look for when house hunting. Here is a shortlist of key design features we put together for anybody looking to buy new homes in Arizona. Before eyeing out a home in this breath-taking desert destination, you should consider the following crucial design features.

Building Materials

Arizona is one place that you aren’t looking for anything built in wood. Even though wooden home designs are incredibly charming and elegant, interested buyers of this trendy type of home should instead search for property in a colder region. The intense summer heat will cause it to warp and wither, so if there is any wood flooring on the inside, make sure it is positioned where the sun can’t reach it. Stone and adobe, on the other hand, help keep the interior cool.

Likewise, cement, granite and tiles all ward off the heat and have the added benefit of being easy to clean. Something else to keep in mind is the thickness of the walls; the thicker they are, the better the insulation. Insulation is not just necessary for keeping a home warm in the winter as it also functions to keep homes cooler during scorching temperatures.

Sunlight Control

A house should face either south or north. Too many open windows facing east will catch that morning sun, just like too many facing west will turn your home into an oven in the afternoon. Another aspect to keep in mind is that about 30% of heat comes in through windows, and so the fewer windows there are, the colder the house will be. A home that is facing the wrong direction can seem suitable at first glance, although, you will later discover issues with sunlight. Some such problems include an exceptionally bright home in the morning that is later as dark as a dingy dungeon.

But if the thought of sacrificing your natural light and spectacular views makes you shudder, then insulated glazing or thermal-tinted windows are a great option. However, it is best to consider the direction of the home with care and the placing of windows to ensure the property radiates enough indoor light regardless of the time of day.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

Pay attention to the color that the house is painted. However, indoor and outdoor paint is not the most expensive property touch up to alter. Light colors help to reflect the heat rather than absorb it. For this reason, light colors on the roof are especially helpful. Look for soft earth tones which can complement the desert environment while also serving a functional purpose.

Light greys and browns or eggshell whites are all colors to consider or look out for when looking for, or building, a new home. In the event that you will be repainting a home, you should consider opting for high-quality paint, especially for the exteriors of the property as the extreme temperatures will likely decay paint vibrance rather quickly in desert regions.

Make Use of the Natural Resources

It goes without saying that in Arizona’s climate, it’s going to be nearly impossible to get by without an HVAC system, which you may need pretty much all the time in the summer. This can run up your electricity bill. For this reason, why not take advantage of one of nature’s natural resources and consider going solar? A house fitted with solar panels may cost a bit extra in the short term but will save you a ton in the long run. And it has the added benefit of being good for the environment.

Going solar is a decision that is currently increasing in popularity rapidly, and for several logical and impressive reasons. If you are concerned about the initial cost of installing solar panels, you can opt to start small. Purchasing a few panels as your budget allows means you will make significant long term savings. Utilizing renewable energy is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.

House solar panels
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Look for Covered Outdoor Spaces

Trees can be few and far between Arizona, and nobody wants to stay cooped up inside all day. Plus, one of the delights of desert living is making use of the wide-open spaces, mainly to entertain your guests. Looking for covered patios and wide canopies or overhangs is an ideal approach when searching for a home in this type of warm region.

A great idea is also to take some inspiration from Spain and look for houses built around a courtyard with a water feature and some vegetation which can also help cool the building. However, there is no reason you can’t purchase a home that showcases room for such outdoor renovations.

The Option of Renovations

For many interested property buyers, finding the perfect existing home is not always a plausible reality, which often leaves buyers feeling demotivated. Therefore, rather than search for the ideal home, you could change your approach and search for a home that allows renovations. Such a home should be priced ideally, to allow renovation affordability. In addition to this, you should also assess the structure of the house to ensure your goal renovations will be possible.

Viewing homes with more of an open mind will help you find the most suitable home with a lot more ease and a lot less frustration. You may also want to consider researching home improvement projects to determine the costs and other specifics that will give you the broadest perspective. Home renovations are often the easiest way to create your perfect living space.

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