Minimalism, clean shapes and lots of lights in-built in sofas, walls and even curtains – this interior design jewel with a Japanese twist is displayed in a flat located in the heart of Sofia, and created entirely by the IDEA interior design company.

The main sitting room is a carefully balanced mix of locally produced and Italian brand furniture pieces, chosen in a color palette influenced by Stendhal. The colors are mostly monochromatic with moderate red accents such as the contrasting decorative stitching on the B & B couch. The red polished surface of the dining table cuts into the kitchen island located in the middle of the spacious kitchen. All appliances in it can be completely hidden using a special mechanism of the kitchen cabinets doors.

Modern black and red living area
Stylish dining room design
Sleek and modern black kitchen design
Modern Japanese style interior
Japanese style home decor

The Japanese influence in the interior is visible not only in the minimalist approach to the furnishing and the furniture design. The illuminated wall screen in the living room is reminiscent of the walls found mostly in the Emperor’s villas in Japan of the Edo period. In this particular case, the glass wall which serves as a wardrobe, too, is laminated with genuine rice paper.

The dark parquet flooring matches the black paneling which in the hallway is discreetly milled with Japanese cherry blossoms. The same pattern is repeated in several places throughout the flat.

The master bedroom of the owners is also designed in a Japanese style. The materials however have been deliberately chosen in a more contemporary and European style.

Japanese style decoration Modern black and red bedroom Black and red bedroom interior Modern bedroom design Japanese style home decor

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