Monochrome chalkboard label

The classic vibes of a Parisian apartment meet the bare authenticity of Scandinavian architecture in this monochrome interior design. Designed and visualized by Anastasiia Andreichenko, the project offers some fascinating frames of color, texture and form. Creating a comfortable and cozy yet utterly stylish pad for a young and creative woman, the interiors here are unafraid to announce and celebrate their individuality.

The home comprises of three main areas – lounge, kitchen and workspace. Where the lounge here offers a space for contemplative silence, intimate exchange and rejuvenation, it is the kitchen that comes alive with ideas and dialogue as is reflected in the large chalkboard that graces its walls. The workspace is deftly tucked away in one corner of the apartment, but breaks free of spatial restraints through an overlay of rich ideas and inspirations that it presents.

All of these are rendered in black and white with only a few elements offering colorful respite. Yet at no point does this monochrome interior design foray into the mundane; instead this Scandinavian style apartment presents an elaborate and intricate exploration of black and white lines in their entire splendor. From strict geometric conformity to organic abandon – the interplay of two colors takes on many a tone thanks to a spectrum of textures, materials, elements and forms.


Published in: Apartments, Scandinavian | Author: Laleema