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Tashia is a woman of many talents, passions, and full of surprises! She is an amazing writer, dancer, artist and print model. She enjoys the freedom of writing in different genres and connecting with new people from all around the world. Tashia lives for the thrill of learning new things through the eyes of the people she writes for. From a young age, she was exposed to the interior design world and loves the art form that designing homes provides. It's challenging for her to pick just one type of interior design she prefers, as she believes that the possibilities of where interior design can go are boundless. It was only natural that Tashia eventually found her place at Adorable Home where she enjoys writing about the beauty of telling a story through a designer's vision. When Tashia is not writing, she enjoys bellydancing, traveling, painting, shopping and being passionate about finding new ways to enhance her holistic-vegetarian lifestyle.

Articles by Tashia:

A Contemporary Kitchen With a Twist

Are you more of a neat freak? Looking for a kitchen that has a more modern look? Consider this contemporary kitchen design from LEICHT! The company, [...]

Swedish Attic Apartment Ideas

This Swedish apartment shows how to take advantage of an attic space even when you’re working with less square footage.

Attic Apartment Design Ideas in Prague

Taking attic apartment design ideas to another level, OOOOX managed to pull off an amazing home in an effortless way!

Simone Micheli’s contemporary interior

Around the world and back again, we find ourselves in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy. It would be a sin for the contemporary interior of [...]

Contemporary house design in the USA

She’s a little bit country! He’s a little bit rock and roll! Sometimes you want a little serenity to walk into every day. For all you [...]

Comfy Country Bedroom Design Ideas

You don’t need to live in a barn to recreate country charm. Here are some country bedroom design ideas to inspire you.

Closet Designs Your Clothes Would Die For

When it comes to your bedroom essentials, how do you feel about your closet? Do you find yourself constantly glancing at it, wishing that that it [...]

The Stone Age: a contemporary stone house with longevity

Have you ever watched the Flintstones and dreamed about living in a home that was made of stone just like Fred and Wilma’s? Well it’s time [...]

Smart Ideas For Small Spaces

When adding your style to your home, you may get frustrated with the thought of not having enough space to design it the way that you [...]

Add a Luxury Touch to Your Bathroom

If you are looking for a way to add a little bit of five-star luxury to your bathroom, look no further!

Mirror on the Wall: Freshening Up Your Bathroom

Upon waking up and getting your day started, the very first thing you do is head straight to the bathroom. Sometimes you’re wide awake on the [...]

5 Ways to Decorate a Room Corner

When you’re paying for a space that you call home monthly, it’s only right that you maximize as much of the space as possible. After all, [...]

Bold and Beautiful Teenage Girl Bedroom

To design a teenage girl bedroom is a big challenge but we are here to help. Take a look at this wonderful bedroom!

Penthouse Dreams, Chic Interiors

Living up high in sky never looked better! Today’s feature spotlights a gorgeous penthouse that’s fit for a queen and king. You may think that this [...]

Adding Contemporary Touch with LED Ceiling Lights

Lighting is and will always be important in a home. It’s a major factor in the way we familiarize ourselves with our lovely abode, as well [...]

Alluring Dark Bathroom Designs From All Over the World

We all know that the best rooms have great lighting and usually incorporate some kind of light color scheme that illuminates the room a million times [...]

Bright Loft in The City by Casamanara

When we usually see immaculate lofts, the style of them stays within the realms of strictly contemporary pleasures. Its design will sometimes feature symmetrical furnishings and [...]

Staging Tips: Prepare Your Home for Sale

So maybe you’re not interested in prepping your home for new tenants, but instead desire to sell your house altogether to provide an opportunity for another [...]

Prepare Your Home for Rental

Sharing your space is one of the best gifts you could give someone. After all, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. And I’m [...]

10 Fresh Home Office Design Ideas

If you’re a budding entrepreneur reading this, then we must say congratulations for having the courage to embark on the journey of being your own boss! [...]

California Dream House in the Woods

Don’t you wish you could just get away from it all? Wouldn’t it be divine to always wake up peaceful and always grounded in nature? In [...]

Make the Bathroom Look Spacious With a Glass Shower

Besides your bedroom, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Dare I say, without it you wouldn’t quite have the best [...]

Mexican Forest House: What Heaven Looks Like

We thought it would be great to continue inspiring you with beautiful homes in warm climates. Our fingers are crossed for warmer temperatures by the end [...]

Stunning Home Transformation in Rome

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; which in this case would be renovating and restoring homes to even more magnificent glory! I’m sure you’ve [...]

Top Baby Room Designs for Your Bundle of Joy

Looking for inspiration to decorate your baby`s room? Here are our top baby room designs to help you create a cozy haven.

Stackable Sofa by Fabrizio Simonetti

After a long day at work, the first thing you may want to do is plop down in the nearest chair available to de-stress. You may [...]

Dream House on the Beach Down Yonder

This adorable beach house in Australia boasts bright traditional interiors with a touch of modern and open plan living areas.

Fun Kids’ Room by Fajno Design

These amazing wallpaper selections are any child’s dream! They create almost surreal interactions with the rest of the décor!

Modern Wood Console by Gloria Colleoni

Every homeowner’s dream goal is to maintain a home that can have exquisite décor along with the ability to store all of their valuables seamlessly and [...]

What to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Blinds

Your bedroom is one of the best places for instant refuge after a long day. You rely on it to provide the rest, relaxation and rejuvenation [...]

Interactive Design Installation In The States

Chilling in hammocks is a great way to take the edge off and carelessly sway in the wind while enjoying the scenery. How would you like [...]

A Grand Library Wall

When your books start piling up, you know it’s time to get a bookcase to contain them. It’s a great way to visually see all of [...]

Amazing Architecture By Studio505

Plant life has always been beautifully depicted in pictures, paintings and in other interpretations of art throughout countless years and in various parts of the world. [...]

Modern House Addition in Prahan, Australia

After staying in your home for a little while, a lot of things may become mundane and humdrum. That original feeling of potential and promise that [...]

Contemporary DNA Bench

If you’re a scientist or science-lover in general who’s never really been into home decor, you may change your mind after checking out today’s feature! Home [...]

Repurposed Café Design in Beijing

When you go to a cafe or restaurant of any kind to eat, the food is not always the main thing that draws you in. Before [...]

Contemporary Kitchen Design by Culimaat

Nicknamed the “LEAF”, this contemporary kitchen design is made with high quality and sustainable materials. Amazing design!

Vivid hotel design in Switzerland

When you are out traveling the world, we can all agree that one of the main things that will make your trips even more enjoyable is [...]

Wooden Residence in All Its Abstract Glory

Intriguing the mind of the observer doesn’t just stop at an incredibly painted masterpiece. Sometimes, a designer takes the form of a uniquely skilled artist and [...]

Space-saving multi-purpose organizer

So maybe a shoe rack just isn’t enough to fully organize your foyer area as you come and go on a regular basis, not to mention [...]

How to Build a Pond in Your Backyard

With your oasis being in your backyard, you could always enjoy nature just a few feet away from you without constantly traveling to the park. One [...]

Simple Home Style on Quaker Street

An immaculate home is always preferred but it’s best to have a home that looks lived in as well. How challenging it would be to always [...]

Bookcase Ideas for Your Living Room

There’s nothing wrong with being a bookworm! That is unless your beloved books are starting to take over your entire house. Although the idea of having [...]

Vanity Units for Every Mood

While designing specific rooms in a house, it’s always important to make sure that everything flows as it should. Proper blending of different elements and materials [...]

Shoe Cupboard Ideas for Your Hall

When you walk into the house after being on your feet all day, the first thing you probably do is kick off your shoes once you [...]

Pros and Cons of uPVC Windows

image via Advanced Home Energy As the seasons change, you can feel the climate in your home changing as well. You’ll know exactly when it’s time [...]

Incorporating Antiques into Your Home Decor

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. As a child, you probably had a grandmother or that one aunt whose house was known for having the [...]

Glamorous interior design fit for a queen

Living the glamorous life gets a boost with a home to match! If you enjoy the finer things in life, then this feature is right up [...]

Decorating For Thanksgiving With Natural Materials

Holiday season is officially upon us! The leaves have shed their lush green appearance to reveal striking golds and reds, it’s getting a little cooler and [...]

White small apartment, Swedish style

Sometimes you want to do away with all the contemporary mumbo-jumbo and just focus on creating a home that will accommodate all your needs. We know [...]

Young, Fresh & New: Modern Studio Apartment

This modern studio apartment, designed by Art Ugol, is as artistic as it gets. The Russian design company specializes in contemporary designs that are focused in [...]

Young, Fresh & New: Gorgeous Studio Apartment

When you are still young and establishing yourself, you want something that will be reflective of the fun you would love to have in it. Likewise, [...]

Stunning Home Decor With Vintage Flair

What happens when modern meets vintage? This stunning home surrounded by lush greenery will answer the question.

A Luxury Getaway by Annie Santulli

We think it’s high time to head south for the winter! Since Palm Beach, Florida was so lovely, we decided to stay a bit longer. We [...]

Soothing Lakeside House by Mercer & Mercer

There’s nothing more calming than living a life by the water. Being able to wake up to the crashing tides rolling in and enjoying all the [...]

A contemporary minimalist home that keeps it simple

It’s time to go down under! We’re up for traveling all the way to the other side of the world for today’s feature! In the world [...]

Ultramodern Double-Facing Dining Table

When eating with the family, dining rooms are usually set on one reliable look. The only things that may change are the placemats and table runners. [...]

Portable Cardboard Desk for Your Folding Pleasure

Cardboard boxes get a bad rap. After they have served their purpose of carrying your valuables to your final destinations, they suddenly become obsolete with their [...]

Be your own island with an overwater bungalow

It’s the pirate’s life for me! Ok, maybe you’re not really gung-ho about becoming a pirate and all, but would really enjoy living by the water. [...]

Interior Decoys: Convincing Brick Wallpaper Ideas

We love homes with exposed walls! The raw material that exposed walls provide really adds great texture and depth to many different styles of homes. There [...]

Stunning villa on top of the world

You may have been to a vacation resort in the mountains in the past, but we guarantee that you didn’t experience the mountains quite like this! [...]

Modern Desert Home in California

With all these intriguing places we get to visually experience, we wouldn’t mind if you considered us the ultimate interior globetrotters! To continue our desert theme [...]

Sustainable Portuguese surfer cottage

In the hunt for getaway homes that will last for decades, we sometimes overlook the simplest option. There are a lot of diamonds hidden in the [...]

A Turkish bachelor loft that’s totally decked out!

It’s a given that bachelor pads are traditionally a single man’s pride and glory. A place where he can enjoy his own space with no interruptions, [...]

Vertical house with no limitations

For today’s feature, we were in the mood for a little Asian persuasion, so we decided to head to the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan! Some [...]

A contemporary farmhouse by Patterson Associates

If you’re ever looking for the most breathtaking landscapes of your dreams, you may want to consider a trip to New Zealand soon! With many movies [...]

Luxury residence in the City of Angels

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a place that resembled a gorgeous home in your favorite movie? Or how about living in [...]

Ocean View Apartment in Palm Beach

Welcome to a very stylish condo in Palm Beach. It offers fascinating interiors and spectacular ocean views.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Let’s talk floors! In the world of home design, floors can sometimes be taken for granted. They provide continuous support of smooth walking throughout your home, [...]

Planning Your Home Design is Easier Than Ever!

So you’re ready to get started on those long awaited home projects, you say? When preparing to makeover your home, it’s expected to put some serious [...]

Modular Storage Wall by ARIS Architects

These days, you can never get enough storage space. In a time where there are always new and innovative things to add to your home, it’s [...]

Italian Black Interior of Dark Fantasy

The duality of life is an inevitable and Universal principle. There cannot be good without some bad, an up without a down or light with a [...]

Modern renovation on professor’s row

It doesn’t matter where restoration may occur around the world, they all represent the opportunity to reinvent yourself and create new trends. Today’s feature showcases a [...]

A beautiful white apartment made in heaven

Ever wonder where angels on Earth may live? If this isn’t the place, we think it may be a really good hint! Today’s feature proves that [...]

Retro eclectic with a natural twist

The color brown is associated with feelings of grounding, balance and stability. Likewise, its essence is commonly referred to as one of the main earth-tone colors [...]

Elegant Nordic style in Copenhagen

Out with the old and in with the new is what they always say. But in some cases, it’s not necessary to toss out the old [...]

French Style Kitchen

Having a comfortably functional kitchen always makes for better movement in your daily life. However, when your kitchen is too small for what you need or [...]

A contemporary family house with style

As a couple who happen to also be parents, you may have a vision board of what your dream home may look like from the inside [...]

Magnificent House in Nothing but Blue

The color blue can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. Some people view blue as a tranquil color that reminds them of taking the [...]

Vacation residence in Mexico

Viva la Mexico! Today we’re taking you on a festive trip to a place everyone loves to vacation at. In Mexico, you can always count on [...]

An Aquarium Kitchen Island That Makes a Splash

Would you like to have an underwater adventure every time you go in the kitchen to prepare your next meal? No, we’re not talking about drowning [...]

Roof Terrace in the Big Apple

If you think about it, one of the best parts of your home is always the ones that involve admiring nature in some shape, way or [...]

The interior design of your dreams

Third time’s the charm is what they say! Today’s feature surely supports that claim as we have yet another exclusive from Angela Todd Designs. The interior [...]

Pastel apartment in Wonderland

To keep up with our magically enchanted theme this week, we have yet another feature that you will keep your imagination as active as possible. Today [...]

Naturally Amazing Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz

The gift of light allows for us to accomplish a myriad of things throughout our day, wherever we are. Without light, we would have a pretty [...]

All You Need to Know When Choosing Your Curtains

Curtains are a necessity in your life. There’s no way around it! Just like other décor items, curtains can vary in style according to what the [...]

How to Make an X-Bench [Infographic]

Nowadays, the X-bench can be found everywhere but why don`t you do it yourself? Create now your perfect stool!

Natural Home Decor with Rattan Furniture

So you just brought a new place. Congrats! After all the boxes have been emptied and all your belongings have found a new place to dwell, [...]

Small space living with big dreams

Size matters! But only when you know what to do with it. Small space living is an art that can be quite rewarding when you can [...]

Unique apartment in Tel Aviv

Our previous feature may have gotten your attention with its mesmerizing mirror buildings, but today’s spotlighted home will definitely have you scratching your head at how [...]

James Jebbia’s Minimalist Loft

Lights, camera, action! We are traveling to the fabulous city of New York to check out the home of clothing designer, James Jebbia. His clothing line, [...]

Amazing conversion: the Bomastraat house

Warehouses and other industrial buildings are the underdogs in the interior design world. Why? They can be transformed into some of the most sophisticated homes and [...]

Urban hotel in Berlin

It’s a jungle out there. And sometimes that jungle is right outside your hotel window. When traveling, you want your hotel experience to be as spectacular [...]

Groundbreaking Mirror Architecture

We all have our opinions about how mirrors really make us feel. Some may enjoy the self-love while others only use them for what’s needed. Whatever [...]

The mid-century modern style of Spain

Here’s a home we’re sure you’d appreciate. How would you like to live in a home that felt and looked like a leisure art exhibit? For [...]

Italian Outdoor Pavilion

If someone ever tells you that magical places no longer exist, don’t believe them! As you’ve probably read or heard, there are seven legendary wonders of [...]

Artistic interior design in Sao Paulo

It wouldn’t hurt to stay in Brazil a little longer, would it? Today’s feature isn’t one for the contemporary lovers. We’re all about the cultured eclectic [...]

How to Hide Unsightly Items in Your Home

Your home is your own personal kingdom. It’s a place where you dwell and have one-hundred percent control on how you choose to design, rearrange and [...]

Small French apartment

Oh-la-la! You don’t know romance if you haven’t been to the beautiful city of Paris! With a beautiful Eiffel Tower and a ton of fashion inspiration, [...]

A Brazilian Home by Felipe Hess

Today we are headed to the beautiful country of South America to get a taste of rich culture and style! Located in Sao Paulo is a [...]

The holiday apartment revamp

It may be a bit too early to be thinking about the holidays, but with today’s feature, it may be a good idea to start planning [...]

Bold and colorful decor in Sweden

Words cannot describe how much excitement today’s feature gives us. We have never seen anything quite like this home at all! If your eyes feel like [...]

Simple Beach House in the Tropics

This vintage beach house on Ibiza is the simple getaway you’ve been dreaming of. Come on in and forget the world.

Warehouse Design in Amsterdam

Let’s explore a new area of the world, shall we? Sometimes things can be overlooked because of their initial appearance. However, it takes someone with a [...]

Bahamian rural décor

We’re feeling quite tropical this week! There are several known vacation spots throughout the world that people commonly go to enjoy heavenly islands and fun excursions. [...]

Functional tiny home decor at half the size

Things are not always what they seem. You’d be surprised at the potential of something that you may have originally underestimated. This especially rings true when [...]

Spanish stone villa

There’s just something about a natural home that is irresistible to us! A home that encourages easy and care-free living really soothes the senses and allows [...]

Natural villa in Ibiza

Let’s go on an escape, shall we? We’re off to Spain again for today’s feature! To get a taste of someone’s culture, sometimes it’s best to [...]

Modern Style Apartment

When someone mentions being in the middle of the elements, the first thing that you may think about is that person being in the midst of [...]

Adaptable Modular Furniture

Do you remember the days where your children would want to play with wooden building blocks or Legos for hours on end? Even though they looked [...]

Vibrant compact space design

Our compact series just keeps getting better and better! With today’s current designs, you no longer have to worry about feeling claustrophobic within your own living [...]

Contemporary multifunction sofa

When moving into a new place, one of the first things that you will probably be dead set on getting is a living room set (after [...]

Portable Room in a Box

In our previous posts, we featured portable rooms for traveling as a nomad. We decided to keep the momentum going and introduce you to a more [...]

Modern Decal Headboards

The process of moving furniture is a scenario all too familiar to each one of us. If we were to tell you that there would be [...]

DIY or Hire a Pro for Home Improvement Projects

So here’s the scenario. You’ve been in your house for a good number of years and have created many priceless memories within its walls. However, you’ve [...]

Innovative Mobile Kitchen

This gives fast food a whole new definition. Can you picture the freedom of cooking anywhere you so please? How about the easy clean up and [...]

Unique Austrian bus stops

It’s time to upgrade our neighborhoods a bit, don’t you think? Individuals who take public transportation regularly are the true strength of society. They have to [...]

Transformable structures by Kaneko

Today’s feature is for the ultimate traveler. Sometimes, people just want to pack a little bag and travel the world to explore different ways of living. [...]

Patricia Urquiola’s Hotel Interior Design

If you are already aware of how we like to keep things exciting here at Adorable Home, you should already be prepared for us to shake [...]

Japanese hair salon, a cut above the rest

The very best thing we love about interior design is that it can expand beyond just houses and apartments. It is an art form that can [...]

Spanish brick house

She’s a brick..house! The big bad wolf may have had to quit his day job with our previous brick house feature, but this rendition is sure [...]

Single volume house in the woods

Gone are the days where you have to settle for a shabby log cabin or lake house while trying to relax on a vacation by the [...]

Clever inner house in Switzerland

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Things are not always what they seem. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These are some common [...]

House architecture by Elding Oscarson

In life, sometimes things can get a little topsy-turvy. And sometimes the most creative aspects of life are birthed from that. Today’s feature resides in Molle, [...]

Elevated home in Seattle

As children, we all had the childhood memory of wanting to have the best treehouse in our neighborhood. Going on the adventurous hunt to find everything [...]

Interior modernization by the Bachs

We love it here in Barcelona as we find yet another treasure to behold! Restoring a home from centuries past is always a wonderful thing, but […]

Design simplicity by Pascal Flammer

Some people don’t particularly care for the bells and whistles all the time. They just want to get straight to the point of what’s needed with [...]

Unique tower house by Studio Velocity

The majority of most houses have a particular shape and form. We are all familiar with the typical house styles that incorporate square designs and rectangular [...]

Minimalist guesthouse in Portugal

To continue our multi-function series this week, we are now traveling to another beautiful country to check out even more innovative interior designs. Located in Viseu, […]

A tribute of modular arcades in Madrid

Paying homage to the trailblazers before our time is always honorable. It’s also a great way to show the masses a piece of history that they [...]

American Modern Lake House

Austin-based architect, Stewart Sampley, is the mastermind behind this southern beauty. The modern lake house is located in Austin, Texas, and is a great getaway for the weekends. Known as [...]

Sturdy red brick walls in Australia

The big bad wolf of childhood folklore may have been able to blow down many houses, but with these well-made red brick walls, he may be [...]

Contemporary interior design by Marie Burgos

Colors serve a very important role in the design of a home. Contrary to popular belief, we are always drawn to colors that either reflects the [...]

Traditional building renovation by Torres Baldasano

We have had some show-stopping homes featured on here but this one takes the cake! Located in Sarria, Barcelona is a home that has worn many [...]

Red Stone Inspiration by Ramon Esteve

Today’s feature is certainly going to stretch your eyesight to the limit! Taking a trip back to Spain leads us to Valencia, where a home that [...]

Tower hotel in Barcelona

Oh, Barcelona! You are so good to us, right now! How would you like a hotel that made you feel like you were in the ultimate [...]

Bathroom Looks by Arik Levy

Does your bathroom need a complete makeover? It’s quite normal to overlook the fact that your bathroom has the potential to be completely remodeled into something [...]

Small apartment in Spain

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe. And then one day, she decided to upgrade to a small apartment in Madrid. Okay, that’s [...]

Spanish patchwork interior

Imagine a place where your local grocery store is the best representation of organic living. Can you picture it? We love a place that features innovative [...]

Modern minimalist house in Brazil

Are you in a tropical mood today? You should be! The weather is inviting and you’re probably itching to go on vacation! If your much-anticipated vacation [...]

Australian Regency style

There’s something about the color white that really sets the stage for all kinds of creative endeavors! As we take a trip to the other side [...]

Unique apartment architecture in Spain

Every now and then, we find a home that is almost too good to be true when it comes to architectural design. Today, we’re excited to [...]

American Unique Desert House

When you think of deserts, the first thing that comes to mind is a vast amount of seemingly parched land with the promise of the never-ending [...]

Pioneering alpine design in the Alps

Summer may have officially started, but that doesn’t mean we can’t mentally escape to winter wonderland for just a moment! Taking a trip to the Austrian [...]

Eclectic apartment in the Bronx

Although New York is known for its grand skyscrapers and many historic establishments, many may overlook the fact that New York is also widely known for […]

Warehouse loft in Tribeca

“They don’t make them like they used to!” You have probably heard that one phrase time and time again from the elders in your family and [...]

Bright residence in NY

How incredible is it to know that one star a million miles away has the power to still direct its rays in our direction? Every touch [...]

Warm colors of Indian tradition

Homes are best expressed when they beautifully reflect the lives of the people who own them. What makes them even more special and unique is when [...]

An Out of the Box, Stunning Apartment

In the hearts of all, there’s always a little rock and roll! Today’s feature breaks all of the rules. There comes a time where you have [...]

Adorable loft in Sweden

The country of Sweden is well-known for many things; some of which you probably weren’t aware of prior to reading this blog post. Without Sweden, there […]

Tuscan Style by Marie Burgos Designs

Enjoy the romantic Tuscan style incorporated in a contemporary loft apartment in New York, designed by the talented Marie Burgos!

Modern Nordic house in black and white

Some people view life in black and white. There are other people who view life with a little bit of gray added to the mix. And [...]

Airy home in Berkeley Hills

We just love when designers and architects come together to restore an old home to its original grandeur! We decided to stay a little while in [...]

Glass tower house in the States

When we were kids, we can all remember our version of playing with blocks. The childhood fun that playing with blocks gave to us has given [...]

A spectacular house in sunny California

Today we are headed to a part of the United States where the sun always shines! Off the southern coast of California is a spectacular house [...]

Contemporary Origami House

For centuries, the art of origami has been a prominent staple in Japanese culture since the invention of paper. The word ‘origami’ itself is Japanese for […]

Grecian island villas

Let’s go on a tour of the area, shall we? Last time we landed in Italy, and today we are taking a little field trip to [...]

Enchanted forest villa

Forests have always had the ability to create an air of mystery and fascination to any who decide to venture within its woody bounds. It doesn’t [...]

Sustainable residence in Australia

In these current times, we are encouraged more and more to invest in our environment. More than ever, there are increasingly beneficial ways to preserve the [...]

Crystal clear summer retreat

Why go on vacation to escape the life you have when you can live your life as a vacation every day? As we take a trip [...]

Pombaline style luxury apartment

Get your passport ready! We are headed to the other side of the world for today’s luxury apartment! In Lisbon, Portugal resides a home that stays [...]

Colorful apartment for the entire family

Life is always sweeter with color added to the mix! Get creative with prints and hues inspired by Chango&Co. This company is on fire! As we [...]

Eclectic beauty in the city

One of the many ways that one person is different from another is in their taste of style and design. Some people love the simple and [...]

Artistic loft in Soho

Do you desire to live in an area that fits your creative interests? Would you love to have your home reflect your creative side as well? [...]

Light it up with bright accents!

We believe that a home should always reflect the owner’s vision and style. Luckily, there’s a home in Brooklyn, New York that does just that. Back [...]

American Townhouse Renovation

The complete renovation of this Brooklyn home adds a modern eclectic feel to its overall traditional interiors. Sneak a peek!

City residence elegance

Create your own idea of royalty with an exquisite home! This city residence, designed by Linda McDougald and Postcard from Paris, is located in the United [...]

Riverside House Interiors

Delightful green scenery and elegant interior design define this lovely home in Greenville. You don’t want to miss this house tour!

Sustainable design with the environment in mind

Are you looking for a home that is eco-friendly both inside and out? Perhaps you are an inspiring environmentalist that wants your house to reflect your [...]

A contemporary timber house that lets the wind in

Sometimes you run across those houses that seem too good to be true. You know the ones where your brain has a hard time processing that […]

Residential design in the Hilltops

Have you ever caught yourself doing some California dreaming? Don’t worry; many of us have. It is one of the most well-known areas in the world [...]

Ground-Breaking Living Islands

Rethink the way you see the main rooms of your home with this innovative design! A design studio in London, called Raw-Edges has come up with [...]

Revolutionary and striking architecture

Take a leap into the future and take a peek at what houses all over could look like really soon! We are convinced that the striking [...]

Retro realizations: unique beach house

There will always come a time in history where someone comes up with an amazing concept of their passions that completely challenges the normal standards of [...]

Lovely lake house design

Sometimes you just want to be surrounded by beautiful scenery all the time! Try some rustic flair on for size with this lovely lake house designed [...]

Luxurious Villa: the Ultimate Paradise

Have you thought about finding another home that would serve as your get-away place when the routine of your normal life starts to get a little [...]

Lovely Coastal Home in California

This adorable home is classic a coastal haven. Its nautical decor is really charming. Shall we look inside?

Festive Mexico house

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we spotlight a very special home that resides right in the heart of Mexico! We suddenly have the urge to [...]

50 shades of gray: a modern penthouse design that takes gray to the next level

Do you view the color gray as being listless and boring? Do you have a hard time getting inspired by a color that seems so plain? [...]

Sunny house in Spain

Let the radiance of the sun inspire the unlimited potential of your home! This wonderful home, located in Costa del Sol, Andalusia, Spain, was resurrected by [...]

The Upside Down Plants Design

Where are all the plant lovers out there? This one is for you! Various plants have always been a staple in homes that can possibly span [...]

Exotic Hotel in the Motherland

Let’s take another trip around the world to the remarkable continent of Africa! You may have thought you’ve known it all about hotels until you’ve seen [...]

Historical simple house in the Alps

Get a taste of old and new with this simple house featured for today! This home, located in the Swiss Alps of Switzerland, dates as far [...]

Chic Interior Design That Pushes the Envelope

Chic classic interior design is this renovated home’s main pride and glory. And it’s all thanks to the talented Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

The most harmonious interior design work we have seen

Are you not really a “bright colors” kind of individual? Do you usually opt for more balancing and grounding colors that keep everything in focus? Why [...]

Chic Garage Conversion

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Interior transformations: before and after projects by Sheila Rich Interiors

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