Protecting your home from unwanted intruders is something many of us think about regularly, deterring would be thieves is necessary in our modern times with cases of burglary on the rise each year. Unfortunately in some cities there is a recorded burglary every 15 seconds and with most of us out at work all day who or what is keeping our homes safe? In this article we will discuss ways to beat the burglars and protect your home and valuables. Read on to see our easy to follow home security tips.

Home security

Make your home look lived in

Tip number 1 is to keep your home looking lived in and occupied even while you are away. The careful use of automatic timer switches that will turn lamps and various appliances on while you are out is the first line of defence against burglars. Try to change the placement of the timer switches frequently if you can and also alter the times they switch on giving the impression that someone is moving around the house.

If you have a trusty neighbour and are going to be away for a few days ask them if they would be able to open and close curtains for you, remove any mail that may be delivered and generally keep an eye on your home. Never leave any notes or clues that you are not home that burglars can find.

Make home security a priority

Before you leave your home check to be sure all windows and doors are locked, a small window left slightly ajar is all that it takes for a burglar to gain access to your property. Install window locks and deadbolts to doors to make it harder for anyone to break in and place a metal or wooden rod in the track of any sliding doors so that they cannot be wrenched open easily.

If necessary fit window and door grills to your property but remember that some will need to be made to open if there is an emergency and you need to escape from your property quickly. Be careful to never leave ladders or overhanging branches that would make it easier for a burglar to enter your home.

Get rid of dark corners and hiding places

Burglars will take advantage of any dark corners or places around your home that they can use to avoid being seen. Trim back large hedges and shrubs then install outdoor lighting or even security lights and motion activated sensors that will eliminate those dark spots where a burglar may hide. Keep all exterior gates locked and consider using thorny plants on your garden boundaries that will deter thieves.

Install a home security alarm system

A well-fitted home security alarm system can be the ultimate deterrent to keep burglars from breaking into your home.

Modern alarm systems can be used to detect motion and will be activated if your doors and windows are opened when the alarm is primed. Advertise the fact that you have a home security alarm and use stickers or decals in places where they will be easily seen. Keep your home alarm system well maintained and check it is working correctly regularly. Finally ask a neighbour to phone the police if your alarm siren sounds as quick response can help safeguard your property.

Join your local neighbourhood watch scheme

Your neighbours are the first people that are likely to notice if something is different in and around your home and a trustworthy neighbour is a great ally against the fight with burglars. Join or start your own local neighbourhood watch scheme to encourage others to help each other take care of their homes.

As you can see protecting your home from thieves is not an impossible task, especially with the help of a few simple (or advanced gadgets) that you can find in your local hardware store or online on websites like Amazon, Home Depot, etc. But the most important thing to do in order to be safe is to be prepared!


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