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How to Choose the Right Facade with Street Appeal

Façade is the ‘face’ of your home. It’s the first feature of the house that draws the attention of anyone visiting or just passing by. It may also be the very first impression one gets about the home ambience and interior design behind the walls and even about the home owners. And as first impressions do count, let’s see how to achieve a show-stopper appeal for your house through creating a spectacular facade.

Colorful house facades

Choosing the right façade with impressive street appeal rests on 3 major points:

Architectural style of your home and your area

You might have grand ideas about having a most striking façade for your house. To avoid ending up with a most bizarre look instead, it would be a good idea to first take into consideration the streetscape of your neighborhood. A rustic cottage styled façade, for example, would definitely look weird in a line of modern glass-and-steel styled houses. Equally, a contemporary style structure rising boldly among coastal facades would totally spoil the relaxed environment of the neighborhood. So, respecting the architectural style of your neighbors’ houses matters a great deal, just as much as the building regulations effective for the local area.

This however does not mean that you should give up on creating an eye-catching façade that would reflect your preferred specific style and make a strong ‘This is my home’ statement. Consulting with your house builder/architect would be one of the first steps to take in the right direction to achieving a unique and attractive exterior. A well-designed façade improves greatly the overall architectural values of the house. Successful exterior solutions may make a modest house appear bigger and with a significantly stronger appeal. Just like a curtain wall can add a unique architectural individuality to your modern house and make it stand out.

Preferred material

The materials involved in the structure of your home’s facade should take into consideration various specific characteristics.

For one, the overall architectural style of the house will determine the use of the right materials, be those stone and tile, timber and brick or steel and glass. On the other hand, the current ‘fashions’ in the building markets should also be carefully researched. Fortunately, contemporary architectural trends feature stylish combinations of natural and innovative building materials in creating spectacular facades with sophisticated appeal.

Finally, façade materials should be chosen so as to stylishly relate to those used in the other parts of the entire property. Façade, fence, driveway, gardens – all these exterior elements should form a final harmonious ensemble in terms of design, color, and material.

Design is however not the only point to consider when choosing the right façade materials. Local climate conditions, the dominating colors and materials featured in the local area, and even the life-style of the home owners are equally important characteristics to think about.

Last but not least – maintenance. Choosing the right materials will depend a great deal on how much time, efforts, and money you are prepared to dedicate for maintaining the exterior of your home. With limited time and resources, you might consider choosing façade materials that would need minimum and easy maintenance. If you can however afford professional care, then you may certainly introduce more sophisticated materials. In either case, it will be wise to make sure that the looks justify the investments.

Investment needed

Speaking about investments, you should carefully consider your budget when deciding on the design of your house exterior. Investing in an impressive street appeal façade is all about taking the right decisions.

When building a new family home, you should carefully distribute your set budget for the entire building project depending on your priorities. What would you rather invest in – a stunning exterior or a functional and comfortable interior? Can you afford both?

On the other hand, if it is a property renovation project, budget management should take into consideration slightly different points. Are you renovating for reselling purposes? Or is it just that the house is in dire need of a ‘facelift’?

Whichever the case, you can take the best budget-related decision by getting a professional estimate of costs. Most building/renovating companies would gladly (some even free of charge!) make you an offer. Make sure you get offers from several companies, so you can get to decide which one to work with depending on your budget. It would also be a good idea to check out these companies and the quality of their services; you will certainly find the needed information on Internet, social media, or by just talking to people in the neighborhood.

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