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Gorgeous attic design

10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation

Renovating your home is no easy task. It requires lengthy planning and strict budgeting, as well as the requisite knowledge if you wish to take on some of the work yourself, or the aptitude to decide upon a contractor that you can trust. The decisions to be made for home renovation are significant and will determine whether it falls into place neatly or turns into a frustrating ordeal, so it is recommended that you seek out all the help you can get.

A quick, simple and cost-effective way of doing this is to install a series of useful apps on your mobile device. The abundance of apps now available for smartphone and tablet users covers everything from choosing a paint color to tracking the progress of works, sourcing contractors in your area and even condensing several common tools into one handheld device.

You can also be guided enormously by augmented reality apps which allow you to map out how you would like certain rooms to appear and then make an informed judgement on how well the colors in your room co-ordinate, or how ideally pieces of furniture fit within a room.

The infographic from offers a flavor of some of the best apps that you can download if you are planning to renovate your home. The creators have also divided apps into sub-categories so that you get an at-a-glance look at the main purpose of each app, so if you’re looking for inspiration for ideas, you’ll immediately be directed towards apps to satisfy your curiosity.

Sometimes you need to use the app yourself to find out if it will be useful for you, so why not download a few of them today to see if you like them. Check out this infographic with all the info you need!

Home renovation apps infographic

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