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So here’s the scenario. You’ve been in your house for a good number of years and have created many priceless memories within its walls. However, you’ve considered starting a new chapter in a new house.

One day, you notice that your walls are actually starting to show some age, your kitchen could use some updating, and your basement leaves much to be desired now. You know that this will not fly when trying to sell your house. Nobody (except maybe your significant other) knows your house better than you do and you feel yourself starting to get a little uneasy about all the extra little things you are starting to see as you roam your house on a daily basis.

After scanning over what you want done, another concern hits you like a brick. While plopping in your couch and rubbing your eyes, you mentally ask yourself “How much is this all going to cost?!” Once you’ve successfully spooked yourself into the thought of literally donating an arm and leg for what needs to be done, you start to seriously ponder the idea of doing the home improvement on your own. And then the thought of that starts to overwhelm you faster than the most vicious weeds you’ve ever seen taking over your garden.

The truth of the matter is that home improvement projects can initially make you feel downright crazy, even if you know that the end result will be well worth it for years to come. You may be thinking that if you hire professional contractors, you’ll have to worry about coming home to busted walls that were not intended to be busted and other mishaps that you could have prevented if you chose to do it yourself.

Allow me to relieve the back and forth going on in that head of yours right now by giving you a little insight on both sides of the spectrum.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Contractor

I’ll save you the suspense and get the “bad news” out of the way first. One of the best benefits to hiring a contractor is the time you’ll save. If you are working a full-time job, have children and grandchildren (this includes dogs too) to run after and many other things to do on a regular basis, you may find yourself passing out from exhaustion with just the mere thought of the time that will need to be devoted for completing your home improvement goals on your own.

In theory, the idea of doing everything yourself sounds like a great triumph, but sometimes you have to bring it back down to reality a bit. Contractors get paid to do that kind of work all day, every day. So make it easier on yourself and hire a contractor that will be cooperative enough to get the job done the way you like it. Not too bad, right?

Another benefit is that contractors are usually insured and equipped with warranties to gift you with. With a reputable contractor, you won’t have to worry about coming home to a disaster and being left having to do damage control because there was no contingency plan. I would like to stress that the key word here is reputable. In order for you to fully rest in the fact that you’re in good hands, you want to do the proper research and ask the right questions so that you’ll know for a fact that your contractor is also licensed as well.

The Benefits of Just Doing it Yourself

In today’s world, the concept of DIY has expanded to many different aspects of home improvement and décor in phenomenal ways. If you’re feeling like you can conquer the world, then I support you all the way! Just don’t hurt yourself.

With that said, the benefits of tackling home improvement projects head-on should be quite enjoyable. The first benefit revolves around the fun you’ll have while demolishing that which no longer sufficiently serves your household needs anymore. Imagine being able to channel your frustrations from a long day’s work into something productive by taking it out on the gutting and demolishing needed to jumpstart your house makeover? It certainly beats losing your job over breaking someone’s nose, I always say.

You can also take joy in the fact that you’ll be saving a ton of money by doing it yourself as well. Compared to hiring a contractor, all you really have to worry about is buying tools and materials needed to get the job done. Most equipment and tools can also be hired from specialized companies in your local area.

Lastly, the ultimate added bonus of becoming the DIY specialist is that you’ll gain an insane amount of experience. Building a skill set in this area can go quite a long way. You may even wind up writing a best-seller about how you became a self-taught contractor and multi-millionaire. Don’t knock the dreams!

Whether you decide to go ahead and start the process of hiring a contractor or come to the conclusion that you are indeed a Jack of all Trades and can take on whatever is thrown at you, it’s important that you chose what works best for your current situation and circumstances. There is no right or wrong in this.

Happy building!

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