Inspired by the hilly surrounds of Montmartre, Paris, the multi-talented firm SABO Project designs a stylish pad for a young fashion designer.

The 72 square meters apartment is a delightful overlay of color, texture and light, creating a vibrant and unique living space that delights in all things manmade and natural.

Clearing out any unneeded walls and interruptions, this bright apartment creates a clutter free ambience, with multihued accents to add a dash of excitement and play.

White living room with exposed beams
Living room with wooden furnishings and yellow accents
Living room staircase

The living room welcomes with its warm woody finishes and delicately balanced color palette.

A multipurpose partition wall brings definition to the room, and marries form and function to complement the space beautifully. Functioning as a work space, closet and storage unit, the partition filters natural and artificial light into the heart of his home. It also integrates a stylish staircase, evocative of the climbing culture of this part of Paris, into the design; molded in serene white, the staircase emerges as an artistic element that explodes the aesthetics of this space.

Modern living room with yellow accents
Bright living and dining area
Modern white kitchen
All white kitchen with colorful flooring
Kitchen with rainbow flooring

Moving into the kitchen, one encounters a more liberal use of color within the overall minimalistic feel of this bright apartment. From the colorful rainbow-like rubber strips in the flooring to the vibrant greens of the vertical herb garden, the kitchen offers a pleasant environment that is clean and crisp yet serene and inviting.

Vertical herb garden in the kitchen
White bedroom
White bedroom with wooden features
Attic bedroom with exposed beams

The private accommodation space in this pad reverts back to the warm woody finishes found earlier, invoking a cozy and embracing vibe in the d├ęcor.

Casual and simple in its design and layout, the bedroom is ideal for laid back weekends in bed and quiet nights in. Here too, like in the living room, wooden beams have been exposed and highlighted to add definition, warmth and weight to the overall scheme.

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