Stretched out over 65 sqm / 700 sqft, this treasure trove of small apartment ideas is located in Bulgaria. Effortless in its movements, the project by Stanislav Borozdinskiy from Azbuka Dom dwells in an elegant refinement that at once embraces and impresses both – the visitor and occupant alike.

With its interiors waltzing across the neutral color palette, this modern small apartment design breaks free of small talk through a creative twist in whites, blacks and greys. These come together to create a serene three dimensional canvas within which its architectural and experiential story unfolds.

Pops of color and sharp, futuristic forms populate the space, creating pauses and individual moments within the overall open plan layout.

The artwork however chooses a different stand, working more as a backdrop rather than inhabit the space carved out by it; rendered in ethereal tones it adds a soft romance to the space.

For the most part texture too takes a backseat in this design, with only subtle hints of materiality emerging through the well-knit aesthetic. The emphasis stays on form and color, thereby ensuring they do not overwhelm this modern small apartment design – no matter how loud or stark they get.

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  1. Jonathan Kabugo says:

    Brilliant, the minimalism makes the space look bigger than it actually is. Great color choices