It’s not often that a monochromatic color scheme can be described as something other than soft and simple but that’s not the case with the Ballsbridge Residence, a massive renovation and expansion undertaken by Irish design firm KLD. We’ve seen KLD’s work in the past and nothing quite compares to this beauty of a property.

Once a small, older family getaway spot is now a bold and stunning spectacle for all to see. The mashing of iconic era inspired designs shows us a bit of the 60’s, 80’s, and some modern influence all wrapped up within one single property.

Upon entering the main level of the home, one must stop and admire the monochromatic blues of the sitting room. Built-in, floor to ceiling bookshelves are painted the same solid navy blue as the walls which are detailed with narrow frames of trim and meld perfectly with the touch of the mellow color throughout the decor. Only the jade fireplace and pop of gold accent in the lighting fixture give this room relief from the scheme. But it all works so perfectly and beautifully.

monochromatic blues in the sitting room
Reading chair next to the book shelf
Ballsbridge Residence - decoration
Reading nook in the Ballsbridge Residence

Moving on to the center of the home we are slowly taken away from the blues and eased into greys. Quickly, we are swept into the kitchen where it’s clear that it’s part of the expansion as it has more modern influences. The galley style kitchen design, divided from the spacious dining room by a narrow partition wall, showcases clean and modern lines with the shaker upper cabinetry and matching flush front bases. Carrera marble countertops cover the surfaces and blend perfectly with the limed oak floors. Rustic subway tiles are used in the kitchen backsplash. The remainder of the home displays modern and geometric tiles throughout.

The kitchen in the Ballsbridge Residence
The dining room in the Ballsbridge Residence
The bedroom in the Ballsbridge Residence
The bathroom in the Ballsbridge Residence

The minimal wall art in the Ballsbridge Residence is a testament to its design integrity. There’s simply no need for blatant displays of art because the permanent fixtures and bold meshing of era styles are enough for the eye to indulge in.

Photography by Barbara Corsico, commissioned by The Gloss Magazine

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