Planning the layout and design of your living room area can be quite a tedious task, especially when considering just how many options are out there. Every year, top home decor experts bring out new trendy options, although, it is often not possible to redesign your living year annually.

We have compiled a list of the most appealing trendy living room designs that incorporate improved functionality into the area. This means you won’t have to continuously hunt for fresh ideas as your living room space will be practical and appealing. What’s more, these designs may not be the latest but they will prove far more timeless than the most recent design trends.

Whether you are a fan of bright colors or a lover of vibrant art, if you are in the market to give your living room a makeover, these trendy living room design ideas will completely transform your lounge area into the best space in your home.

Trendy living room ideas

Colorful Couches

If you’re a fan of all things bright and playful, a colorful lounge area set up is probably the best solution for you. Opting for colorful couches that serve as vibrant accent pieces to add a burst of color to your home is a fantastic trendy idea. You can find durable and quality couches in varying desired colors to create a colorful living room area.

In addition to adding colorful couches, you should also include an area rug that showcases subtle abstract tones that will compliment your sofas. Be sure to settle for no more than three vibrant colors as any more may create a chaotic and messy look. Your curtains should coordinate well with your choices of couches. When selecting a coffee table and side tables, it is best to opt for modern contemporary pieces or alternatively, furnishings that are not detailed as your jewel tone couches will be more than enough to turn heads.

Colorful couch

Oversized Wall Art

The trend of using multiple small canvas prints or hand-painted art pieces to create something of a wall collage was a rather short-lived trend in the world home decor. However, one art trend that seems to have made its mark is the use of large canvas wall art. Purchasing a large canvas art piece that will take up most of your wall space will create a clean, elegant look while the canvas collage idea seems to add to an almost cluttered feel. The modern minimalist design suggests that opting for a large plain canvas in a bold color can also be an extremely appealing design element for living room spaces as this creates the illusion of added definition to walls.

Regardless of your art preferences, it is best to go big to showcase a notable accent piece to your lounge area. Other elements to finish off this trend include less detailed choices of furnishings and a simplistic approach to decor touches.

Oversized wallart

Neutral Tones & Tons of Texture

If bright colors are not entirely enticing for you, you should consider opting for a neutral color palette to design your perfect living room space. However, to ensure your space is as appealing as possible, you should incorporate the use of varying textures. You could include varying textured scatter cushions and add plants in alternating pot designs to sway from a bland look.

Ensure to include a subtle touch of color to your neutral palette such as light blue. A neutral living room design is likely one of the most timeless solutions as you will be able to switch up your curtains, cushions, and area rug while your furnishing remains and your space can be transformed with ease. It would be significantly harder to change the appeal of your lounge area if you have invested in jewel-tone couches for a more playful design.

Neutral color palette

Modern Minimalist

Even though many may be compelled to assume that a modern minimalist design would not last very long as a top trend, this trend has also made a notable mark in home decor trends. While this solution is a top option in terms of practicality, you would need to have a significantly larger living area space in order to recreate a modern minimalist design.

This design suggests that you should only add absolute necessities and avoid clutter as much as possible. This means you should not include display shelves and other types of personalized items. To tie the minimal items together, you should make use of striking accent pieces such as chrome pendant light fixtures. Modern minimalist design elements aim to create spacious areas that are functional and extremely appealing. You won’t need to struggle to pick out coordinating scatter cushions as no cushions are probably best. However, it is also best to opt for a neutral color palette for a most timeless appeal.

Modern minimalism

The Importance of Quality Furnishings

Even if you feel somewhat tempted to save on furnishings by purchasing cheaper alternatives, this will inevitably be a disappointing decision. It is always best to opt for quality. Your quality purchases may be an initial investment, although, you won’t be replacing them any time soon. Quality options often offer far more comfort and durability in comparison to items that are mass-produced with inferior materials. While you may be able to get away with printed canvas art rather than hand-painted options, your couches, coffee table, side tables, and other home furnishings should be strong enough to last quite a few years. It would be best to determine how much use each piece of furniture will endure on average as this will help you determine the kind of items that will give you the best use for money.

If you have smaller children, it is recommended to avoid opting for light colors. Regardless of the type of furniture and home decor you are after, you should never compromise quality simply to save a bit. Your small savings will likely require a second purchase as inferior quality items will not last as long as you may be hoping.

Quality furniture

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