Ever wonder what you’re really spending your money on? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American household spends nearly 60 percent of their income on housing-related costs. That probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to savvy homeowners looking to figure out where to save. But where you splurge is equally important as where you save. From flooring to furniture to linens, here are the home items actually worth spending money on.

Green couch and wooden floor


Dreaming about homeownership may not have included visions of the perfect flooring, but can make or break your quality of life. Poor flooring can lead to a lackluster aesthetic, sore feet and the feeling that your home isn’t warm and inviting. Floors are also a great way to add additional value to your home. To add style and value at the same time, try mosaic tile flooring with options from natural stone to glass to porcelain to find the look, texture and feel you want. And there’s an added bonus that tile is easy to clean, whether you enjoy entertaining guests or have kids and pets underfoot.


Instead of wasting big bucks on trend driven interior decor items that may look outdated relatively quickly, invest in timeless home decor pieces that will serve you well and stand the test of time. Items such as luxurious velvet cushion covers in an organic or neutral shade such as cream or taupe will enhance almost any interior design scheme and will still look current in years to come.

When deciding on which interior accessories or home decor items are worth spending on opt for classic colours and natural materials such as wood, stone and leather wherever possible.


If you’re uncertain where to really spend money and resources in your home, consider where you spend the most time relaxing. The sofa is usually an ideal place to splurge, whether you use it to relax or gather with friends and family.

Choosing the right price point is also crucial, as an inexpensive or downright cheap couch usually doesn’t have the cushion and frame quality you need for optimal comfort and support. And remember a quality sofa with a price pint to match usually lasts longer and can save you money in the long run without frequent replacements.


Just like your sofa, the right mattress is integral to your comfort. Ensure optimal sleep quality and comfort by choosing a quality mattress and topper. Memory foam may be perfect for stiff joints, or a firmer mattress can give a sore back the support you need. Remember that your mattress care is as important as the mattress you choose. Flip your mattress frequently, use a protective cover and spot clean on a regular basis.


It’s easy to overlook your ceilings in the homeownership journey, but choosing the right kind will add value to your home. You probably already know drop-ceilings are cumbersome to deal with and can decrease buying appeal. Opting for high ceilings during a new home renovation or adding faux wooden beams to jazz up your current ceilings are a good investment. Giving your ceilings some attention can also make your rooms feel larger and more luxurious than they really are.


There could be germs and hazardous bacteria lurking in areas of your home you never thought of. Your sheets, linens and especially towels are likely way dirtier than you think. According to reporting by TIME, dirty towels can carry a huge variety of microbes and has been linked to spreading infectious disease. But instead of simply washing your towels more often, invest in more of them to regularly swap out and choose something ultra luxurious. Try an oversized bath towel to wrap up in after a hot bath or shower and plenty of hand towels to regularly swap out. The more you cater to your health and comfort, the happier you’ll be.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with splurging on non-essential household items, but start by focusing on the ones that are truly worth the spend. From flooring to towels, choosing items that improve your quality of life and home’s value are always worth the investment.

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