When exploring colorful living room design, space size plays an important role. When working with large spaces, the use of bright, bold and attractive colors should not be ignored.

Living rooms with high ceilings and tall windows call for extra imagination when designing, decorating and staging. Large windows allow for the use of more color, such as dramatic draperies that stand out.  Sea blue is a HOT color this year and accentuating with yellows and browns give the room a sense of harmony while still providing interest.

Stylish living room with sea blue accents

Sea blue living room design
Image credit: Apartment Therapy

Using baskets, pillows, throws, lamps, and candles are all wonderful living room decoration ideas. This space used pillows in colors that accent the primary room color on sofas and chairs which provided the living room with great depth and appeal.  Fun, frivolous candlesticks provided exciting accent pieces as did the use of simple yet colorful floral arrangements.

When working on living room décor, remembering to use pieces that provide functionality while still being aesthetically pleasing is important. Accent tables and ottomans are used appropriately, and provided two separate sitting coves in this living room. The center ottoman stands out as a central focal point between the separate gathering spots and is centered nicely in front of the fireplace. Fireplaces provide a fabulous canvas for showcasing beautiful artwork or mirrors.

This bright living room is a terrific work of art. The use of light, space, texture, and color all work together to display a unified, functional and aesthetically pleasing living space. Tall windows, bold draperies and large artwork contribute to the symmetry and depth of the space, while different colors and textures provide interest.

Bold and fun colorful living room

Bold and colorful living room
Image credit: Karim Rashid

An overall modern approach to creating a colorful living room design, this space embraces femininity and fun.  Pinks and purples give the space a sense of happiness and cheer. Accenting with organs and blues provides interest. Great contrast is displayed between the straight lines of the large window and the rounded chairs.  Further contrast and depth is created by using a modern area rug with an oval design and correlating pear-shaped coffee table.  The splash of green on the coffee table gives the living room a focal point and some pop.

One of several creative living room decoration ideas was to utilize the bay window for extra display space. The window now serves several purposes within the space; as a focal point, as a piece of art and also as a shelf for displaying room décor.  Fun, quirky accent pieces line the window and serve as creative living room décor. Each item ties in nicely with the overall depth of the space and use of contrasting lines and shapes.

The space is not overcrowded and every piece serves a purpose. Creatively lining the wall with chairs provides for more seating space and the straight lines of the chairs contrast nicely with the rounded edges of the stand-alone pieces. Bright, vibrant and colorfully busy fabrics provide eye appeal and interest as living room décor.  The use of solid fabrics on the stand-alone pieces gives the space stability and depth. Because the space is small, the living room décor is not overdone or overcrowded. Space is utilized nicely without adding too much extra that could take away from the overall harmony within the room.

Modern colorful living room design

Modern living room with colorful furniture
Image credit: HomeDSGN

Extremely linear and very modern, this living room does a fabulous job of using straight lines and sharp edges to create a colorful living room. To keep the space from becoming stagnant, bright, vibrant colors are used on the apple and orange-colored chairs. The chairs provide a nice focal point in an otherwise quiet and neutrally-colored room.

Long, linear, sharp windows provide an exit to the outside world and all of its color. The windows serve dual-purposes as both an outside view and as artwork on the stark white walls. The stark white correlating sofa is accented beautifully with brightly colored and intricately designed pillows; while the coffee table displays some creative living room decoration ideas by utilizing variegated orange glass bottles.

The living room décor is subtle and minimal. Because the space is so modern and linear, too many different accent pieces would crowd the room and take away from the overall modern effect. Walls are white, carpets are white, the sofa is white, and the only living room decoration is the colors used on the chairs and the windows themselves. Very few accent pieces are placed on the coffee table so as not to overwhelm the inhabitants with too many shapes. The room is simple, yet beautiful.

Warm and vibrant colors in a living room design

Red and orange living room
Image credit: Home-designing

Regal and grand, yet modern and simple at the same time, this living room design provides much for the wandering eye. Sharp, linear lines on the furniture and artwork create a modern and stark feel to the space. However the use of warm, vibrant colors on the area rug and on the ceiling and television wall, allow the space to soften.

The warm brown color on the leather sofa is inviting and provides an area for conversation and social gathering. Beautiful and functional living room decoration ideas are the use of a brightly colored and quite textured area rug amongst a very stark and quite linear room full of straight lines and sharp edges. Displaying three textured statues on top of a stark cabinet provides interest and depth and asymmetry in a living room that is all about symmetry.

Modern but colorful living room décor fill the stark walls. Warm colors are used in the pieces contrasting with the cold, stiff statues displayed along the television wall. A great place for gathering to relax and watch television, or to socialize, this space is a designer’s dream. Utilizing straight lines, yet contrasting with bold, shapely and curvy lines provides so much depth and interest to the naked eye. Cold, rigid walls and floors are accented with warm, fluffy and inviting textures such as the shag rug and leather sofa. Soft, delicate curtains hang gently between rooms to provide privacy and designation between the living and dining space.

Large and open, yet inviting and warm, this living room décor is both colorful and delightful. Remembering the importance of light, space, and texture in a space that is quite modern was displayed beautifully in this living room.

Cozy and inviting living room design

Colorful living room with yellow drapes
Image credit: Style Fashionista

Cozy yet posh; this space is the epitome of colorful living room design. Black and white, accented with bright sunshiny yellows and soft browns, with splashes of blue and pink gives the room so much beauty. The gorgeous and inviting window is framed with luxurious yellow draperies that wrap the window and provide a grand entrance for light in the room.

A modern black and white area rug ties in nicely with the black and white polka-dot mirror hung above the fireplace, making the room feel much larger and opening up the space. So many different living room decoration ideas are used in the room. From the use of a very Victorian chandelier to the modern black and white area rug, there is much for the eye to bestow. A fairly stagnant sofa is dressed up with accent pillows and a fuzzy ottoman provides wonderful texture.

The living room décor is absolutely gorgeous yet so simple. A splash of pink is displayed by the placement of a small vase of flowers on the mantle and contrasts nicely with a small blue table lamp. Such small pieces serve quite a large purpose in the overall unity of the space because of their bright contrasting colors that draw the eye closer.

White, red, and orange living room

White, red, and orange living room
Image credit: FurnitureLab

Want creative living room decoration ideas? Check out the wall-sized built in shelving! Wonderful for both storage and living room décor these built-ins serve a dual purpose.  Accentuated by a beautiful terracotta sectional and similar paneling on top, the stark white shelves provide a modern feel with their straight lines and hard edges.

Shelving such as the ones displayed in this living room serve as blank canvases for living room decorations. Living room décor such as stacked books, vases, clocks, or frames can all be used appropriately in such pieces. The sky really is the limit and homeowners can get as creative as they please when decorating such large shelving units.

Because the wall unit tends to be quite busy while full of living room accessories, using a simple sectional in a solid color keeps the room from getting too busy or overpowering. Accenting the couch with a couple of contrasting throw pillows allows the eye to keep moving and unifies the space.

A simple round coffee table sits below a globe light fixture. The light and coffee table provide a welcomed contrast to the hard straight lines of the shelving and sectional.

Colorful living room with black accent wall

IKEA living room design
Image credit: IKEA

Don’t be afraid of color. Especially when one wall in a living room is made up entirely of windows!  You can go dark without ever having to worry that the space won’t be light enough. In this particular living room the walls were painted black. The opposing wall is one large window framed by fun, friendly patterned draperies.

The use of colors in this room is amazing. If you want colorful living room design, take a closer look at this living room. Every color of the rainbow is used in the space and it works. A mustard yellow sofa is accentuated with several different patterned throw pillows in all different colors. Tying in nicely with the sofa is the rainbow colored area rug.

The living room decoration is bold and exciting. Colors provide energy and this living room is just that; energized. The linear lines of the sofa, window and coffee table are contrasted nicely with the half-globe light fixture and stand-alone chair. Both fixtures provide a sense of modernism and minimalism.

When looking at the far wall, the very simple storage piece serves again a dual purpose. Artwork can be displayed as well as other elements of living room décor; dishes, vases, toys, etc. The piece is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Even though the walls are black the room is fun and inviting. It is a space where both adults and children can congregate and socialize. The light coming in from the window is airy and refreshing, providing a sense of openness and calm.

Bright and vibrant living room design

Pastel colors in the living room
Image credit: Brit & Co

This living room is not afraid of color. A fun approach to colorful living room design, this space showcases many different styles. Stark white walls are accented with bright living room décor in the form of framed art in various sizes, shapes and colors.  In fact, very little wall space is left untouched.

Bright, vibrant pink sofas stand out as focal points in the living room. Many different living room decorating ideas are exposed such as accenting the sofas with fun, quirky, patterned throw pillows. Other decorating ideas used quite appropriately in this space are vases and bowls scattered throughout the end tables and wall shelving.

The round shapes of the vases and bowls contrasts nicely with the square wall art and furniture. Using different shapes and colors as living room décor gives the space depth, texture and interest.  Such décor keeps a space from becoming stagnant or boring.

Earthy living room color palette

Modern living room in earth tones
Image credit: OneKindDesign

Another approach to colorful living room design comes in the form of repetition and symmetry. This room takes a modern approach to living room décor by utilizing the same shape throughout the room. Straight, linear lines and sharp edges give this room a very modern feel.

Large canvases cover the longest wall in the room and are decorated with a modern, repetitive pattern. Such pieces become the rooms’ focal point with everything else staged around them.  This living rooms’ furniture is a solid cream color accented with bright colored, yet solid patterned pillows to give the pieces interest. In order to make the room not too busy or overdone, solid colors are used on the fabrics, which provide a nice contrast to the busy artwork.

Common decorating ideas include using large, very intricately detailed artwork on the walls, while using solid colors on furniture and pillows.  Such techniques provide interest and depth and keep a room from becoming to overdone and busy, or too stagnant and plain.

Vivid yellow living room design

Bright yellow living room
Image credit: HGTV

Living room decoration ideas can include using one color, two colors, or several colors throughout the space. This particular colorful living room design chose to use two primary colors accented with splashes of white and green. Yellow is the obvious primary color used in this room where brown is a close second. Bright yellow walls are accented with a large, modern yet simple piece of artwork. The brown color of the artwork makes the piece stand out and serves as the room’s focal point.

The primary shape chosen for living room décor is a square. Artwork is square, furniture is square and accessories are square. In order to provide a touch of contrast to both the color scheme and primary shapes, splashes of green is used in the form of round, textured plants. Round pillows are used on the sofa but still remain brown.

This colorful living room design is quite modern in its approach. Again, sharp edges and straight, linear lines provide a feeling of modernism and minimalism.

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