Your home may be your castle but most people can agree that the kitchen is the heart of your home. This is why it is important to get any redesign completed properly. You’ll be living with it for many years and you’ll want it to match your needs.

For example, someone who loves cooking will probably want a bigger kitchen than someone who is not a keen fan. How you move around the kitchen should also be considered when you start redesigning it.

You may also be interested in keeping up with all the latest developments in kitchen design.

Luxury wooden kitchen

Why use a specialist?

Computers have made it possible to design your own kitchen on your computer and even use these plans to order the right cupboards. The plans can be provided to your kitchen fitter and then you will happily wait, expecting your kitchen to look just like the one you have envisioned in your head.

The problem is that you only need to be out on one measurement to throw your entire drawing out and force you to rethink everything. This can ruin your plans, your budget or simply the look of your kitchen.

But there is more!

A good knowledge of kitchen joinery will transform your kitchen into a statement as well as an enjoyable place to spend time.

There are several reasons why you need to use a specialist to design the kitchen for you, not a computer program or a salesman.


The simple fact is that a well trained joiner will understand how every joint is created and how this will affect the finished look of your kitchen. This is not even something they will have to think about, they’ll just do it.

This level of knowledge can make the difference between a kitchen that looks good and one that looks fantastic.

If you use someone who doesn’t understand the nuances of joinery then they will mix styles without realizing that it can ruin the finish.


A good kitchen joinery designer will also have their own perception on how the kitchen will look. More importantly they will be able to draw on their experiences from other design jobs and use this to create your perfect kitchen.

In fact, they should be able to consider many factors that you would not. This will ensure you have all angles covered and are genuinely happy with the finished product.


You also need to have a great eye for detail when designing a top spoke kitchen. This is something a specialist should have; simply because of their joinery knowledge. This ensures that all the lines fit together smoothly and perfectly.

You’ll also note that a specialist designer will be very meticulous when measuring your kitchen space. This will allow them to accommodate any walls that are not straight and still give you the perfectly finished kitchen.

It is likely that the specialist designed kitchen will cost a little more than the standard one. But it will look better and should last for longer; that’s a great trade-off!

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