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The Royalty of Kitchen Design: Loft-Style Kitchens

Kitchens are very often a triumph of spatial and functional design and efficiency, tucked away in corners big and small. The very heart of the home, a kitchen packs in the dreams, ambitions and heart of a family, all within the constraints and lifestyle afforded to it. So just how do you articulate this most integral of spaces and functions, when the parameters are inverted and the constraints eliminated?

Loft-Style Kitchens (1).jpg

Welcome to contemporary loft-style kitchens – the exclusive units that float in a reverie of light, space, volume and generosity. Every bit as functional as its more compact counterparts, this is the grand duke of kitchen design, taking on a scale and stage that would overwhelm the ordinary and conventional.

Loft-Style Kitchens (2).jpg

Stepping in tune with the openness and broader strokes of the modern loft apartment, these kitchens elevate cooking and dining into just as relevant a social occasion and space as any other in the house. Unlike conventional and compact designs, these loft-style kitchens are not shy to show off and visually celebrate every aspect of their process and experience – from scratch to finish.

Loft-Style Kitchens (3).jpg

To illustrate the point, here are two bold yet elegant designs by designer Michele Marcon; the latter ‘Orange Evolution’ is brought to us by Snaidero. Rendered in a modernist sensibility, these industrial style kitchens bring the best of form and function to your loft home.

Loft-Style Kitchens (4).jpg
Loft-Style Kitchens (5).jpg
Loft-Style Kitchens (6).jpg

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