Working from home is a dream for many of us. But many freelancers and home business owners will tell you that it can be quite difficult to find the motivation to work when we’re at home and distracted by everyday life.

One way that’s recommended to combat the procrastination of working from home, is by creating an office space that’s been put together with you and your needs in mind. Here you’ll find a few ideas of how you can create one for yourself.

Modern home office


Those of us who have worked in offices before will be all too familiar with the stark, unforgiving overhead lighting that seems to plaque every office. It can be liked to that of a hospital!

When you’re creating your own office space, lighting is a major player in getting it just right. You need lights that are bright, so you can see what you’re doing, but also lighting that is warm and pleasant. You can find a range of LED strip lights available online – these can run around the ceiling of your workspace, not only giving it a modern feel, but also a less intrusive option than the alternative!

LED strips for home office

Embrace natural lighting

While we’re on the subject of lighting, there’s nothing more discouraging or disheartening than a dark, dank and gloomy room. Having access to a room with a window that allows in natural light will do wonders for your productivity. You might not feel like a prisoner as much!

Home office with large window

Bring nature in

As mentioned above, natural light is a great addition to any home office. So, with that in mind, why not consider bringing in other natural items? Big leafy plants and gorgeous blooms will make any room look bright, fresh and light. They also purify the air and bring a sense of calm. And don’t worry if you forget to water them – most indoor plants can survive a day or two without a dash of water!

Spacious home office


When you worked in an old office, chances are you had stationary on tap. But now you’re working from home this is something you need to keep on top of. Keep all your office supplies, that’s pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors, files, printer paper, notebooks somewhere safe and secure – preferably in a cupboard or storage unit in your office to keep your work zone tidy.

Home office desk organizer

Don’t forget to relax

When we think of an office, we think of a desk, a chair and a computer. But what about when you need to take a break? Working constantly isn’t good for your performance or creativity, and experts recommend taking regular breaks away from computers. The solution? Bring a comfy armchair or sofa into your office space.

Relaxing on the bed

Add a coffee table and a few throws and pillows and you’ll have the perfect place to read, to think about your next move or to contemplate your next big idea. It’s an overlooked perk of a home office! It’s your office space – do what you wish with it!

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