Reading is one of the oldest and best pastimes or hobbies that one could have. It provides an endless amount of personal pleasure; there are always going to be new books out there for you to read, whether they appear on a best sellers list or they are a discovery of brilliant literature from years past. Regardless of what it is you’ve got your nose in the middle of right now, you need somewhere comfy and cozy to get that reading done in. You don’t want to sit on some hard, inflexible chair where your back is just going to end up killing you. You my friend, need a reading nook.

For those who will lounge for hours at a time while they read, this is especially true; you need your own little area or reading nook that is its own getaway, where you can zone out and immerse yourself in your latest favorite book.

Maybe you’re someone who requires a lot of cushion and pillows in their reading nook, or maybe a space where you can shift your positioning a lot (you may be into the book, but still are antsy, and that’s ok), maybe you require a window next to you while you read, or your whole collection in the same space as you. Whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you should make it happen so your reading experience is that much more enjoyable.

Your reading nook is your own personal space, so you should treat it as such. Create something that is a reflection of you and what makes you most comfortable. If you are struggling a little in where you should start with creating your own reading nook, check out the ones below for some inspiration.

Which one is your favorite?

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