Dogs truly are our best friends. They love us unconditionally and offer unlimited amounts of love. The least we can do is reciprocate that love, right?

Our homes are personal to us and we fill them with our favorite things, creating a nest of sorts, but not many people know that a dog actually needs its own nest, too. Any dog training program will tell you that a dog needs its own personal space, an area such as a crate or kennel. But for the someone who loves you to the ends of the world, why not give them a little abode of their own? Something better than just a crate.

A house for a dog? But where would you get such a thing? Well, there’s actually tons of great options out there, you just have to look. Anything from simple little dog huts to luxury dog houses with a covered bathroom area and even a deck. Most are made from wood but you can find others that are constructed from durable vinyl and textured metals. If you’re on the crafty side, consider building a one of a kind home for your pup and choose from hundreds of free blueprints online.

Get inspired by our collection of the most adorable indoor and outdoor dog houses, and be sure that your best friend would love each and every one of them:

1. Deauville Minimalist Dog House

Modern dog house designFound on: Bad Marlon

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2. The Dog Campers

3. Alabama Dog House XL

Found on:

4. Dog Lodge With Deck

Found on:

5. Wooden Dog House With Roof Balcony

Found on:

6. Modern Dog House by Howplot

Found on: Wayfair (limited quantity available)

7. Round Dog House and Side Table

Found on: DenHaus

8. Nightstand Dog House

Images from this article

9. Mid-Century Modern Dog House and Side Table

Found on: Etsy (limited quantity available)

10. “Mini Me” Dog House (owner’s home replica)

Brick dog houseFound on: Daily Mail

11. OSHU Dog House by Bad Marlon.

Contemporary dog house designFound on: Bad Marlon

12. Brooklyn Brownstone Two-Story Dog House

Two story dog house for pugsFound on: DIYnetwork

13. Dog House With Doggy Door Awning

Stylish dog house entranceFound on: Studio M

14. Etna Portable Dog House (brick design)

Portable indoor-outdoor dog house-brickFound on:

15. DIY Dog House by Kenya Hara

Adorable-indoor-dog-house-fImage from the article: Designer Dog Houses and Beds

16. Tipi Style Dog House

Dog teepeeFound on: Etsy (limited quantity available)

17. Luxury Outdoor Dog Home

Luxury dog houseFound on: Pinterest

18. The Dog Mansion

19. Eco-Friendly Dog House

Adorable dog houseFound on: Impressive interior design

20. The Whimsical Dog House

Whimsical Dog House by Innovation PetFound on: Wayfair

21. Luxury Tuscan Style Dog House With Deck

Cute yellow dog houseFound on: Hayneedle

22. Petsfit Wooden Dog House With Veranda

Petsfit Outdoor Dog HouseFound on:

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