The home should be a place to relax after a long day at work, if your home feels chaotic, it can increase feelings of stress. This is bad for your health and well being.

We often unintentionally make more stress for ourselves in our life. Through clutter, diet, lack of sleep routine, hygiene, lack of exercise, it is when our daily routine is not balanced that we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed.

By making changes to our home and routine we can reduce tension and find ourselves in a more relaxed state of mind. These small changes can make a big difference to improve the atmosphere at your home.

Stress free home

Clear Clutter

Clutter tends to cause stress, you may trip over it in the hallway, or it may be a symbol that you have let paperwork get the best of you. To get a handle on it, look at getting rid of what you don’t need. Then, install storage for things that don’t need to be on display.

Create a Space Dedicated to Relaxing

Everyone needs their own space sometimes, to reduce stress look at making a space that you can go for a few minutes to gather your thoughts and relax. This could be anywhere from the balcony, your bedroom or a corner in the lounge room. Use the space to something for yourself, whether it be reading, yoga, playing an instrument or meditating. We all have different rhythms that help us to feel relaxed, find out what it is for you.

Cultivate an atmosphere by adding candles, incense or comfortable seating. Perhaps you find sitting outside in nature calms you or by bringing the nature indoors, decorating with plants and an indoor fountain from, allows you to relax.

Meditating at home

Develop Good Habits

While it is easy to put off household chores they tend to pile up and become overwhelming. Learning to be proactive and getting things done straight away, with exceptions, of course, can help with the stress. For example, cleaning dishes after eating, preparing a weekly shopping list or making your bed in the morning. You’ll find that being proactive changes your mindset, making your life feel less chaotic and freeing up the time for other things.

Find Balance

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is based on the Five Element Theory, each element bust be represented and balanced in your space to maintain optimal energy. Using the elements, fire, water, earth, wood and metal, Feng Shui suggests removing and rearranging furniture to promote energy and healing.

While it is important to bring balance to your home using these principals, it is also important to bring this theory into your everyday life. Look at balancing your home, work, social and health, if these are not balanced they can add to the stress and chaoticness of life.


Unplugging is so important for managing stress. We are connected to technology, which is always keeping us alert, ready for a call or notification or to simply watch the time fly as we scroll. Set a time limit before bed or set a designated hour and unplug from your phone, TV, laptop etc. You’ll find that this time to yourself helps you to focus, relax and rejuvenate.

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