Brilliantly refurbished house on Ibiza

Easy, breezy Ibiza. This unexpectedly modern structure was planted in the hills of Ibiza some years ago and now stands a beautiful refurbished villa. Barcelona based architectural company ADV Arquitectura worked alongside the home owner to re-envision the design and décor of the property, not just inside but outside as well.

The house itself is a destination dream, nestled in the thickly wooded landscape of Ibiza. Designed with the warm climate in mind, each room in the narrow bungalow is equipped with movable dividers, making the entire house completely open to allow air flow and a cool night breeze if one allowed. Sleek, modern walls make up the skeleton of the house but a soft, warm, and traditional pallet lies within. The décor is a delicate pairing of retro art nouveau meets casual contemporary, clearly displayed in the low furniture and geometric shapes. The brilliantly refurbished house boasts pieces of unique décor that are a sure indication of the home owner’s personality, and it bodes well for the cozy villa. Soft textures of suede and silk co-exist with rustic wooden tables and steel railings. The soft, pale color pallet appears calming during the day. At night, the contrast of the night sky with the lamp light emit a warm glow across the interior, picking up the wooden textures and warmer tones.

The entire main living area of the home, as well as the private suite atop, all face the relaxing exterior before it. A rectangular pool is boarder the lounging area and lighted staircase to a full outdoor living room. With the home’s existing modern design and considering the remote location, it’s hard to believe that this gorgeous abode is in fact a refurbished property rather than a brand new build.

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  1. Brilliantly refurbished house on Ibiza-the living room
  2. Brilliantly refurbished Ibiza house-Beautiful living room-at-night

House on Ibiza-dining area
Brilliantly refurbished Ibiza house-dining area-at-night
House on Ibiza - Bedrrom 4
House on Ibiza - Bedrrom 5
House on Ibiza - Luxury Bedrrom 2
Refurbished house on Ibiza-swimming pool
House on Ibiza-backyard swimming pool
Images courtesy of: Atlant Del Vent

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