Think back to the days when you and your friends wanted to build a secret hide out in the vast backyard of your childhood home. You were able to fully take advantage of all that nature provided for your imagination. With this recycled cottage, you are given a second chance to let your imagination run wild once more!

Two artists, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz, took a chance and decided to build an eco-friendly home that captured the beauty of natural light at any time of the day.


This home, located in West Virginia in the US, was made from reusable materials such as abandoned nails, old wood, repurposed roofing, and old windows. We were completely shocked to find that they only spent a whopping $500 on creating this humble abode! This recycled cottage is the ultimate nature escape, due to the fact that it doesn’t feature the regular luxuries that we are accustomed to in a traditional home, such as plumbing and electric. With Olson being a photographer and Horwitz being a stylist, the couple already had the advantage of having an artistic vision for the recycled cottage. One of our most favorite features of this repurposed residence was the all glass face of the home. The different sizes, shapes and layouts of how the windows were designed really give this home a unique look like none other.

With all of the hard work that the couple put into making this recycled cottage a reality, we think that they really can inspire anyone to work together and create a home that benefits the environment. The thought of not having to pay a mortgage is enough to inspire motivation instantly!

Published in: Houses | Author: Lynn