Warm, rustic and utterly charming, Candlewood Cabins seduce you with their natural vibe and uninhibited experience. Dressing up the quintessential ‘cabin in the woods’ in contemporary sensibilities and aesthetics, these cabins bring old world charisma into the twenty-first century. A unique getaway retreat located in the panoramic landscapes of the Ocooch Mountains, southwest Wisconsin, these amazing cabins invite you on a sojourn in the lap of nature.

A fabulous inspiration for your very own dream house in the woods, the Candlewood Cabins explore different dialogues with nature through variations in their architectural vocabulary and materiality. The Log Cabin, Glass House and Meadow House each present their own unique experience, inviting you to see and explore this stunning landscape through their eyes. Invigorated by the many past times on offer and the spectacular sunrises before them, each of these cabins holds their own special place in the land at large.

1. The Meadow House

Amazing cabins (11)
Glass house by Candlewood Cabins
Amazing cabins (12)
Inside the Meadow House by Candlewood Cabins

The interiors of each of these amazing cabins are warm and cozy, albeit with a touch of elegant restraint. Far from heavy or overwhelming, the designs and interiors rely on invoking a sense of contemporary familiarity to make you feel right at home. A hidden gem set in truly precious settings, this retreat is a definite addition to your list of holiday destinations.

2. The Hillside Cabin

Hillside Cabin by Candlewood Cabins
Hillside Cabin at night
Bathroom in the Hillside Cabin

3. The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin by Candlewood Cabins
Inside the Log Cabin by Candlewood Cabins

4. The Glass House

The Glass house by Candlewood Cabins - photo at night
The Glass house - night photo

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