Believe it or not, the next biggest design craze is pink flamingos. People are going cuckoo for it and for good reason! Pink flamingo décor is a great way to add a bit of color as well as character to your home. So check out some of these ideas and add some life to your décor this weekend.

Our favorite pink flamingo décor picks:

Tea towel

This tea towel has a cool hand painted look of pink flamingos and pineapples. What a fresh way to throw some color on the table in both an interior or exterior setting.

Plant pot

The color of pink flamingos contrasts beautifully with the green in just about any plant. So this plant pot is the perfect accessory for a window sill, tabletop, or backyard patio. A simple way to slip in some color.

Wall decal

Pink flamingo décor doesn’t have to be for vivacious settings. You can easily adapt it to a modern style with these removable wall decals. They look stunning against a crisp white background.

Watercolor pink flamingo mug

Coffee mug

Wake up to the joy of pink flamingo décor with this super cute coffee mug. It’s simple, adorable, and a stylish way to have your morning java.


Wall art

A great way to start using the trend in your home without committing is with wall art. This pink flamingo decoration can be easily taken down or relocated to another room.

Plate set

Even if you don’t like the color pink, you can still jump on the bandwagon and have awesome flamingo decorative items like this plate set with a black and white pattern.


Add a touch of playfulness to any patio with this printed pillow. Flamingo yard décor never looked so fresh!


Yowza! Can you say ‘bold prints’? As far as pink flamingo decorative pieces go, this bedding set is definitely a statement maker. Solid colors of green and pink completely cover the surface and could easily be the focal point of any bedroom.

Light bulb

Okay, this is just too unique not to have on this already unique list. Ditch the lamp shade and opt for this one of a kind lightbulb with a flamingo inside. The shape of the bird is the actual coil and turn reddish pink when hot.

Flamingo wall clock

Wall clock

This wall clock is fresh and youthful. It’d make a great addition to a light and airy kitchen or even a girl’s bedroom.

Pink flamingo coaster


If you’re obsessed with the cute, pink birds or just want to add color to your home, these flamingo inspired coasters are a great addition.

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