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Summer Patios Ideas for the Contemporary Home

Few spaces in the home celebrate summer just as beautifully and enthusiastically as the patio. The quintessential home of sunny summer days and weekend soirees, the patio strikes the perfect balance between warm intimacy and bare exposure to the elements.

The resulting spaces are thus steeped in style and comfort, creating unique statements and dynamics between the natural and the manmade – even in the very heart of the urban context.

Here are a few summer patios ideas to help you upgrade your patio and explode its presence and possibilities this summer.

The thumb rule with patio design is to keep the affairs simple and contained; this is a place overflowing with people, conversation and activities, and therefore you do not have to do much to bring life and character to it. Instead go easy on visual clutter, ensuring your patio can be just as relaxing as it can be invigorating.

Clean, crisp profiles in exposed materials bring a natural earthy tone to the space that blends well with organic surrounds; alternatively you can wash your summer patios ideas in white to introduce a contemporary temperament that is utterly summery.

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Adding a dash of color can take your scheme further up a notch, creating a visual interplay of form and function. Blue and green are the obvious choice, but go with your intuition – there is no reason a different color would not work here.

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