Standard bedrooms tend to be decorated in bright and neutral shades believed to create a more relaxing atmosphere suitable for a peaceful night sleep. But why not add some color that will make the room a little more inviting and playful?!

As a matter of fact, the contemporary interior décor trends show a growing in popularity tendency of introducing bolder colors in bedrooms. The color palettes range from joyful flamboyant colors to deeper and darker tones. In careful combination with bedroom furniture items in contrasting colors, such color tones create modern look and ultimate relaxing feel.

Bringing more color into the bedroom interior involves various design techniques.

Walls are the largest surfaces to be used as colorful ‘canvases’. Having even one of the walls painted in a contrasting color adds a terrific accent in the room.

Another way to diversify your bedroom color palette is by adding colorful bedcovers, curtains, cushions and paintings. Small accents shouldn’t be underestimated, since they are the ones that bring life into the premises.

Introducing color in your bedroom will also help you bring this room interior design either in-line or in contrast with the rest of the home premises, depending on your vision and taste.

Finally, colors are one of the key elements of the thematic décor solutions. A modern city flat, a cozy beach villa, or a rustic country house – these styles all have their specific color palettes. The bedroom should not be left out-of-the theme. Right?!

Whichever color you choose you can design the whole interior around it. Use your imagination, the sky is the limit!

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