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3 Bedroom Color Trends to Follow This Year

Spring is in the air, bringing new life, new ideas and that irresistible urge to do some changes around. Introducing changes in your home would be a good start, and this year these can well be in your bedroom. Changing just a few accents, introducing a new bedroom color palette, or simply adding a couple of new decorative pieces, will transform entirely your bedroom’s look and feel.

Choosing the right color palette for your bedroom may depend on several things.

For one, you can follow the contemporary bedroom color trends. According to Benjamin Moore, the color of 2016 is “simply white”. White, however, just as any other color, is far from being “simple”! There are various shades and layers of white to combine, on one hand, and contrast to other colors, on the other.

White nuances will diffuse the light coming through the window of your bedroom providing airy ambience of peace and adding a subtle artistic charm. The fashionable somewhat ‘nostalgic’ shabby chic design trend, featuring whitewashed and light pastel grey to off-white shades, creates a romantic ‘Parisian’ feel – perfect for a lady’s bedroom. Combining furniture in white nuances with exposed wood, hand-hewn beams, and right textures, brings a cozy rustic feel of ultimate relax. On the other hand, white is the perfect background against which you can splash any contrasting color of your preference. The result will be an aesthetic interior of energizing colors ‘framed’ by crisp white edges and borders, creating cheerful and boldly youthful exuberance in the room.

Choosing the perfect bedroom color scheme is also a matter of intimate and very personal taste. Take a moment to think what your favorite colors and style are, and start there.

One thing to always consider is however that the choice of colors should not be in the name of aesthetics only. The bedroom is the one place in your home where you’d wish to be intimately yourself. So, make it personally yours by applying a color scheme that would match your personality best.

Soft pastel colors, for example, would be the perfect choice for romantic and laid-back people of cheerful and happy nature, looking for relaxing ambiance in their bedroom. Nuances of white, yellow, blue or green would ensure light and warmth, space and serenity, tranquility and peace. Darker and more intense tones, on the other hand, best suit the “night owls”, the highly energetic, ambitious and practical minds. Red, dark brown, even black are colors, among others, that express energy, strength and vigor.

There are a few other factors that might also be taken into consideration.

Light pastel colors are usually the top choice of women, while more intense colors are mostly preferred by men.

Emotional pastel color palettes seem to be a favorite choice of the older generation, while the young prefer flamboyant expressive color schemes.

Pale color palettes seem to better suit houses, while intense color schemes are introduced more often in city residences.

Balance is important, too!

Whatever your main color of choice is, too much or too less of it will definitely spoil the final result and its overall effect. Designers have a “magic” formula – 60:30:10, where 60% of the room should feature one color, 30% another color, and 10% an accent color.

All of the above being said, let’s draw the line and see what the contemporary leading color styles are, to help you decide which bedroom color trend you’d go for.

1. Pale shades

3 Bedroom Color Trends to Follow This Year
Design by Cardea Building

The color schemes featuring pale shades of pastel neutral colors seem to enjoy strong and ever growing popularity among both, professional design stylists and non-professional enthusiasts.

These colors provide plenty of light and airy ambiance, and promote the relaxing power of natural elements, such as sand, grass, water and sunshine.

From white in its rich variety of layers, through tan and grey hues, to tender greens, light and cool blues, pastel beige/ yellows, soft peach, pink, coral and orange – these colors are all inspired by nature and loved for that!

Always a perfect background for contrasting accents, the pale neutral color palette brings ultimate relax, romantic touch, elegance and lyrical charm.

Great choice for a spacious bedroom in a house, but also for a smaller city flat – bedroom capturing natural light!

2. High contrast

Bedroom Color Trends to Follow This Year
Design by Jenna Burger

High contrast colors are for the bold! They are energetic, captivating, even exotic and extremely expressive. From black and indigo, through intense orange and even red, to exotic turquoise or strong green – this is a combination of deeper and more intense color tones, a colorful “painting” displayed as a piece of fine art within a delicate frame of lighter neutral colors.

Darker colors also tend to create an optical illusion of depth, which makes the high contrast color scheme a great choice for bedrooms in the smaller in size contemporary city residences, as well as for young people’s bedrooms.

3. Cool monochrome

Styling by Julia Green and Jacqui Moore from Greenhouse Interiors

One style that will probably never go out of fashion is the classic monochrome color scheme. Cool monochrome in particular, featuring multiple shades of grey, was inspired by the black-and-white fashion photography in the 1960-s and has ever since preserved the classic chic elegance and magnetic charm of Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon.

It is a perfect choice for modern minimalistic interiors and provides an excellent opportunity for adding pop-color accents within the same or from a contrasting color palette.

As you see, choosing the right color palette for your bedroom is all about you and your personal taste. So, choose the color scheme with your heart, too, not just with your eyes!

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