Starting a full home renovation is a major task that cannot be underestimated. There is a variety of factors that you should consider before even beginning to plan the initial building work and our helpful guide will try to keep you in the right direction.

Be honest with your goals

When renovating your home you need to have a list of goals that should be achieved by the end of the building and remodelling work. Now is the time to sit down and work out exactly what you expect and want from a full home renovation plan.

Budget, budget, budget

Your budget needs to be sufficient to actually get the work done and completed, but don’t forget to add a little extra should things not go entirely to plan. An emergency fund is always useful to have as you do not want to have to stop the renovation works due to a lack of funds, this will only lead to disappointments and frustration. Allow time to work out a realistic budget for the renovation and contact a number of companies for quotes to ensure your budget is going to be enough.

Designers and contractors

When hiring a designer or contractor make sure that you first check out their credentials and also if possible speak in person to previous clients. Recommendations are always good and if you can see some of the work the designer or contractor has done, it will help you find the right person for the job. It is better to do this in person, but you can also check for recommendations online.

Decision time

What do you keep and what should be replaced? Be ruthless and if necessary compile a list of all of the things you are uncertain of and then merit them if they are necessary to your home. This is not a time for sentimental feelings if you truly want to fully renovate your property and home.

What to do while renovation is under way

It may be for the best if you move out of your home while work is ongoing. There is a lot of mess associated with building work and fitting family life around it can be a struggle. Your options range from staying with family or friends, renting another property short term or even booking into a hotel nearby. Then of course there is the question of what to do with your possessions – there are many companies who will store your possessions whilst your home is renovated or maybe a friend has space in a garage or a spare room.

Inspect the construction works regularly

Make sure you keep a check on construction work and the progress of your renovation regularly, daily if possible. This will help to keep everything in order, the budget in check and spot any potential problems before they become a major hassle. Do not be afraid to ask your designer or contractor questions, after all you are paying for the work.

Go shopping

As work progresses on your renovation there comes a time when you will need to decide whether or not to buy new furniture and fittings or restore any that you already have. A shopping trip could be just what you need to gain inspiration and make the decision properly. Soon it will be time to move back into your fully renovated home and enjoy all of the hard work that has gone into transforming it. Sit back, relax and allow yourself time to get used to the changes that have turned your house into a dream home.

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