Many think that having a pool in your backyard requires a quantity of work that is not worth the joy of cooling off during the summer. However, owning a pool isn’t actually the big task you may believe it to be, in fact it’s quite easy with some routine maintenance and care.

Whether you do it yourself or pay someone to, taking care of your pool is easy, and of course well worth what it can do for your leisure time. Read below for some tips on how you can more effectively manage your pool.


Clean the surface regularly

This can be slightly tedious, but well worth the effort that you put in; skim the surface of the pool a couple or few times a week.

No one likes emerging from the water with a dead bug on their face, and it certainly is much easier on your filter and circulation system when less debris is floating around. Once you’re through skimming just simply dump the unwelcome items in the trash and you’re done!

Vacuum the pool often

This does not need to be done as frequently, but still should be done around once a week. Doing this will help keep the pH levels of the water at a healthy level, and keep from gross algae building on the ground and walls of the pool.

You can do this by hand, or to help yourself you can buy a vacuum that will run automatically and maintain the cleanliness of the pool. Some stubborn areas may arise, which will call for using a brush or other cleaning utensil.

Manage your filter correctly

Three kinds of filters exist: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth filters. Which one you use depends greatly on how often you use the pool and how often the filter will need to be cleaned.

Be sure to manage how clean or dirty you let the filter get; a filter that is too clean will not work as well, and of course this stands true for it being too dirty.

Use a pool cover or enclosure

According to Edge Leisure, professionals in this field: Pool covers and enclosures are another great way to maintain your pool and keep it in pristine condition. Pool enclosures & covers are a relatively inexpensive solution to keep leaves and debris out of your pool and at the same time acting as a safety measure to stop anyone falling in. Enclosures can be constructed around your pool and as well acting as a maintenance mechanism, the enclosure allows you to use your pool in a bad weather.

Check levels regularly

This goes for both the pH levels of the pool and the physical level of the water. Maintaining the right pH levels is an easy thing to do and ensures the water is clean and healthy to swim in. You can do this with a testing kit, which are very easy to come by. The test is simply dipping a strip into the water and reading the alkalinity in it; a reading of 7.2-7.8 on a scale of 0-14 is ideal. If you need to add chemicals, just drop them in! More about how to calculate pool chemicals you can find here.

The level of the water is also important because if the water falls below a certain level, the pump can be damaged. Loss of water will be inevitable with evaporation, splashing, and people exiting with water on them. This is a simple fix that require you just putting the hose into the pool and filling it back to a secure level.

Depending on its size, having and maintaining a swimming pool can be a bit of trial and error, but do not be intimidated by what it may require. The effort put forth is certainly worth the enjoyment that comes with having a pool, especially after all of that hard work cleaning it.

Published in: Smart home | Author: Dustyn