When it comes to your home being safe, secure and comfortable you simply cannot ignore simple roof maintenance otherwise your home and ultimately, your finances, will suffer. Getting into the habit of checking your roof, gutters and beams regularly can help you avoid costly repair bills and keep your home intact. In this article we will give you, the average home owner simple roof maintenance tips and a guide on how to spot potential problems.

Before we go any further it is strongly suggested that you do not attempt to climb onto the roof of your property without the correct safety instruments. Falls can kill, even from a low height so please ensure you are wearing sturdy footwear, have a good quality ladder and safety harness. Now that we’ve expressed the need for safety equipment we will chat about how to begin your roof maintenance check.

Roof maintenance checks are best done in spring and autumn and should become part of your bi-annual routine. Firstly check the exterior of the roof for any debris such as moss, tree branches overhanging and loose cement etc. Brush any debris away and make note of branches that will need cut back, check for any loose tiles or shingles as they will need replaced as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to clean out the guttering while you are on the roof and also check for rust spots on any metal fixtures, these will need to be cleaned with a wire brush and painted with a metal paint.

An important part of your roof maintenance check that is often overlooked is checking for mould and damp spots on internal ceilings and walls, these could indicate that your roof is leaking and that more intensive repairs could be needed. Take a careful look around your attic or roof space to find out where the water may be coming in and identify the problem. Flashing around a chimney often is the culprit and will need resealed or replaced periodically. Roof timbers and joists should be free of any damp, termites or mould to keep them in good condition, remember these are the skeleton of your roof and are necessary to bear the weight.

If you encounter a problem that is above your capabilities it is advisable to call in a roof specialist. With regular roof maintenance checks you can spot any potential problems before they worsen and hopefully save money in the long run.

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