Caught up in the rush of everyday routines and duties, more and more people are embracing the new green trend known as ‘mindful gardening’. Homeowners of properties with even a small patch of land spare no efforts on creating their own little green oasis where they can enjoy a day out under the bright sunlight, the fresh air and the soothing calm of the trees, bushes and live plants. Building our own garden for growing fresh organic veggies or just spots of beautiful flowers and lush vegetation to please the eye is one of the top activities that can help us to achieve the state of ‘mindfulness’.  But this activity requires a planting guide for different garden aspects so you can ensure a flourishing plot that will fill any gardener with joy and satisfaction.


David Wilson Homes have teamed up with Garden Organic to create the perfect planting cheat sheet for different garden aspects and plots – whether you’re lucky enough to have a south facing garden or not. It details which flora and vegetation suits different garden aspects depending on where the shade falls in their garden, and where there is the most sun. It also includes some handy tips on companion planting for your vegetables too, so you can learn about what vegetables grow best together. Their handy gifs below show the changing sun and shade throughout three key points in the day, displaying where to plant key flowers, to ensure you get the most out of your garden.

There can be confusion around what plants thrive in shade and which require some sun throughout the day, as well as which flowers can withstand being in full sunshine. This planting guide aims to help those are looking to renovate their garden, to learn more about which types of soil work best for different plants and which type of sun is best for each plant. It’s important to note that it’s not the aspect that determines which flowers should be planted in a garden, it’s where the shade falls.

North-facing garden plot

South-facing garden plot

West-facing garden plot

East-facing garden plot

Companion planting

Companion Planting

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