A garden is a must-have for many with household pets, and the hours that you share out there with your furry friend may be some of the happiest times for both of you. It’s also super-convenient to have a space where your dog can entertain himself for a little while, or where your cat can seek refuge from the trials of street life, without your company – but while you envisage your garden as a safe space for all, in fact gardens and pets have a wonderful knack for damaging each other. With a bit of research and preparation, however, it’s easy to ensure the yard is pet-proofed and ready to be enjoyed.

You’ll need to look into the kinds of plants and chemicals you’re using, as fertilizers such as cocoa bean mulch or fish meal are decidedly not pet-friendly; likewise, the humble daisy and mighty bamboo are fine, but lilies or daffodils could result in belly trouble – or worse. One potential source of poison that can often be overlooked is bird faeces, so you might want to think twice about installing a bird house or feeder where mess might accumulate.

It’s not just your pet who needs looking out for – it’s your garden, too. You can use both carrot and stick to keep pooch away from your prized flowerbed or from prematurely harvesting your veg, by creating a fenced off area and encouraging him/her to play elsewhere. Chicken wire makes for a cheap and safe fencing material, coiled around wooden stakes, and it’s easy to roll back when you need access to maintain the plants. Dig out a shallow area elsewhere in the garden and fill it with sand and toys, and hopefully you’ll discourage any further curiosity in the areas you want to protect.

These are all easily achievable steps, and you’ll find the details and a few more ideas on how to make that garden a safe pet zone in this straightforward new infographic and video by Home Advisor:


Pet-proof garden infographic

Published in: Smart home | Author: Sophie Bell-Rhone


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