Today we will talk about how interesting it can be to use glass doors in an apartment building.

Glass – environmentally friendly, recyclable material that allows you to create objects of various shapes, colors and sizes. Is it any wonder that glass doors are in the top of trends? Glass doors are an established trend in the design of commercial and office spaces. In addition, they transmit light (in whole or in part) and fit perfectly into the design of fashionable glass partitions that allow you to zonate the room without losing volume.

Interior glass doors

The use of glass doors in shops and trade and exhibition centres is not surprising. But in the light of the latest trends in design, one can notice that the glass door has become an attribute of private housing. A specialist from sliding glass door repair company gave his opinion on this issue.

As an element of interior design, it is very convenient. Firstly, the approach itself is unusual, which determines a certain proportion of uniqueness. Secondly, glass can be used quite different – colored, fluted, stained glass, which makes it possible to create the most harmonious door structure. And also on the glass can be applied pattern. There are special technologies that make it possible to decorate the glass door individually.

It is worth noting that the glass door in the interior contributes to the visual expansion of small spaces, which determines its relevance in small apartments. It should be remembered that it is not the best solution to put such a door to the bedroom, as the light from the corridor can interfere with sleep, and it brings some discomfort. Although, if this is part of the new style of your home – this decision will be quite justified.

It should also be noted that the product of glass, which has passed the stage of hardening in the future can not be subjected to any kind of mechanical treatment. It follows that if you order a door on an individual project, you may need to consult door repair services to check the size and shape of the holes for subsequent installation of fittings set with high precision at the stage of development of the door design. Do not forget also that the thickness of the glass door leaf is from 8 to 12 mm.

Types of Doors Made of Glass

For apartments, offices and houses, the following types of glass doors are distinguished by their type of opening:

Glass sliding doors. Opening by means of a roller mechanism. This type of opening saves a lot of space in the room.

Swing doors. Installation is made in the door opening by means of two or three hinges.

Pendulum hinges. Type of doors where opening is performed both on itself and from itself thanks to special axial fixing.

The use of glass doors can be called a European trend, as it is there that glass door constructions were first used as part of the interior of residential buildings. Before that, they were used only in commercial and commercial premises.

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