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Brilliantly Refurbished House in Ibiza
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Spectacular Design Bowls of Molten Glass on Teak Roots

When it comes to finding uniqueness, Nature is always the largest source. It’s a simple truth which the team of designers and artists at ‘What I C 2’ wholeheartedly believes in. They travel the world in constant pursuit of new and exciting finds to artistically implement in the home, art and trend industry. The result of their “adventures” is the creation of décor items of unusual stunning designs and multifunctional uses.

‘What I C 2’s line of sculptural and multipurpose molten glass design bowls represents best how their designers brain storm the basics to create high-art for practical home use.

The creative process starts with pulling the gnarly teak roots from the ground and, without any further carving or shaping these are then used as bases of the design compositions. The unique shape of each such base pre-suggests the shape of the top glass bowl. “And since no two pieces are alike, they lend themselves to the creative imagination of our glass blowers” – explain the designers.

The result is spectacular!

Apart from their artistic décor features, these items have very practical use, too. They can be used as original decorative vases, terrarium containers, and even as fishbowls.

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  1. BobbiBillard says:

    I absolutely love this! I especially like the one you posted to your instagram page. Beautiful! And would definitely add an element of the unexpected to any decor.