New York City real estate market offers luxurious properties renowned for stunning interiors, top-of-the-line furniture and appliances, breathtaking views and coveted outdoor space. Selling such properties needs certain real estate tricks, and staging is one of them.

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Home staging is basically designing the interior so as to ensure a ‘WOW!’ effect the moment the potential buyer enters. Clients attracted to such properties are billionaires looking for nothing less than the extraordinary, and the professionals in this high end market niche apply top staging tricks to sell luxury properties faster and for a lot of money.

Professional stager Cheryl Eisen from Interior Marketing Group, reveals some valuable staging tips which can be, in fact, very successfully applied to any other property on the market, to ensure it sells quickly and for good money. Many of these tips may even be followed when planning the interior design of newly bought homes or renovating older properties, to achieve a stunning multi-million dollar property effect and top style and comfort interior.

Staging tricks for selling properties faster and for more money


One of the most valued features of the multi-million dollar properties is the stunning views through the large wall-size windows.

Professional stagers advise not to obstruct these with furniture and instead, place a low-profile in-window seat where one can comfortably sit and admire the view.

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Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains

Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains are also one of the favorite staging tricks, since such curtains frame and soften the window view and make the ceiling look higher.

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Home Staging Tricks - Use luxury wallpapers

Another staging ‘trick’ is to use texture wallpapers or paint. Textured walls have an immediate effect of top luxury, create warm and contemporary look, and add to the interior design structure.

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Home staging tip - Use low profile furniture

Low-profile furniture is another smart staging tip. Low sofas, beds or lounges create optical illusion of larger space and higher ceilings.

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Home staging tip - Use oversized mirrors

Another great staging tip especially for smaller rooms is to use oversized mirrors on the wall opposite the window. Mirrors will double the space and the light, which will make the room look much larger and lighter.

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Home staging tips - Put a chaise lounge chair in the master bedroom

A large master bedroom can be successfully made even more attractive if staged by a corner seat of modernistic loungy design, especially of a curved shape. Such furniture piece does not only look stylish and beautiful, but is also functional and delicately conceals and softens the corner.

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Home staging tips - Put luxurious toiletries in your bathroom

The story of luxury should continue in the bathroom, too, and it can be done by using another simple yet very effective staging trick. Placing luxurious bath products, such as crisp white towels and bathrobes, top-brand toiletries and accessories and arranging them beautifully, will immediately have the desired effect.

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Best home staging tips

Add some fresh flowers and fruit, tall green plants in low stylish pots, soft fluffy blankets casually thrown over sofas, seats or lounges, an open book or a family pictures album, and your staging will be a million-dollar success.

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