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How to Make Your Home a Pest-Free Zone

Home Improvement: When DIY Is Simply Not an Option

There are many reasons DIY projects have become so incredibly popular in recent years; from saving a small fortune to the incredible feeling of tackling tasks on your own. However, there are several types of projects that you should never attempt on your own as there are certain dangers and risks. If you are planning a complete home revamp or you are gradually giving your home a makeover as your budget allows, the following projects are best left to the professionals.

Professional handyman ready for work

Electrical Work

Regardless of just how hands-on you may be or how much you think you fathom about electrical jobs around the house, any home improvement project that involves electrical circuits or running cables should not be attempted. It would be best to employ a qualified electrician to inspect your home and handle all the electrical work as not conducting proper tests could lead to devastating results. Electrical work done incorrectly can lead to shocks and even fires, which is why the average DIY boffin should stray from these types of projects.


Even though tiling is not exactly a risky job as far as dangerous outcomes are concerned, it required adequate skill and know-how. Therefore, even though you may be skilled enough to craft an elegant wooden dining set, you should rather leave tiling to the professionals to ensure you don’t end up with skew and unsightly results. Hiring a general contractor to take on a tiling project will be slightly more costly than doing it yourself, although, when considering that the DIY route means you will probably have to end up employing a contractor to fix up the work, you won’t regret your choice.


Small plumbing jobs such as unblocking a clogged kitchen sink can be done without the help of a qualified professional, although, when it comes to giving your bathroom a makeover or your kitchen, you should leave the plumbing work to a professional. Installing pipes, sewage tanks, or water heaters is by no means a simple task and as things can go terribly wrong, you would be saving significantly by avoiding the DIY option. Improperly installed bathtubs, taps, and other plumbing jobs can cause water leaks and water build up in walls that will cost you quite a bit to repair in the long run.

Roof Maintenance & Repairs

There’s no doubt that repairing a roof or installing a new roof is not a job for amateurs as there are several risks involved. Even though this popular category of DIY projects has been attempted by unskilled homeowners, so much can go wrong. Firstly, falling from your roof can be devastating and if you are able to avoid this risk, not managing the project professionally means your roof may end up falling apart in harsh weather conditions and you may end up forking out a small fortune to repair water damage in your ceilings among other damages. Rather than focusing on how much you could save by avoiding professional help, you should consider how much potential damages would set you back in the event that you are unable to manage the project as an amateur.

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