4 Tips on How to Maximize Space in a Small Home
4 Tips on How to Maximize Space in a Small Home
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Checklist for Building a New House

6 Home Features That Need Regular Maintenance or Checks

Being a homeowner is a fantastic thing but also one that carries with it a lot of responsibilities that, if neglected, will be very costly to you. There are so many things that will be much more of an issue if you wait until it becomes a situation where there are repairs needed. So here we are going to look at 6 home features that will require regular maintenance or checking.

Tools for Regular Home Maintenance


Not all homes these days have chimneys, but there are still a fair amount that do, and it’s also something that’s making a bit of a comeback, people are liking the ambiance of a real, traditional fire or even a wood-burning stove. But if you do have a chimney it’s important to know about maintenance. You should have it cleaned at least once a year and this is good advice even if you don’t use the chimney.

Roof Tiles

Making sure that you can keep on top of your roof maintenance is one of the most essential things to be on top of as the potential negative consequences of not doing this are very costly. One of the most important things you need a house to be is watertight. Not having this is worse than just getting a bit damp, there can be extensive structural damage if roof timbers get damp or mold in them. If the water comes all the way through then you can have to replace whole ceilings as well, this is not something you want to have to be doing.

Swimming Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a private swimming pool at your property then it’s something that you are going to have to keep on top of in terms of regular maintenance. Superficially you need to make sure that it clear of debris, any leaves or other detritus must be regularly removed and if you are going to not use the pool for a while then it might be best to invest in a pool cover. You need to be regularly checking the chemical levels as if there is too much chlorine in the water it can irritate the skin or eyes. Make sure you know where it is best to get your swimming pool supplies and not run out.

Radiators & Pipes

The heating system is a very important and essential part of the house and if you have a problem with it then it can be very difficult to get by, especially in the winter months.

Firstly, you need to bleed the radiators a couple of times per year, this allows any excess air in the system to escape and will make the whole system work more efficiently and heat the house in a better fashion. It’s a very easy job and only requires a simple radiator key, and an old towel or a bucket to catch any drips. If the bleeding is not helping then you may need to get an engineer to come and do a full system flush to clean the pipes out. You also should make sure that the system is not left turned off for long periods in the winter months as any frozen water in the pipes can expand and cause damage.

Drains & Sewage

It’s important to keep the drainage system in your house operational as any blocks in the system can create havoc. The first thing you need to do is think about preventing issues from happening in the first place. Don’t put things down the drain that you are not supposed to, make sure that food is not clogging the pipes up, a drain guard is perfect for this task.

If you do have a problem then often it can be fairly easy to sort. A plunger is a great piece of equipment to have around as it is cheap and can be used as many times as is needed. A drain cleaner fluid is the next thing to try, it is a simple solution and make sure you follow any safety instructions on the product.

Windows & Doors

Check the integrity of all your windows and doors. Have a look at each one, check for any cracks or damage. Ensure that all the locks are working, especially on the windows as this is easily overlooked. Mould and rot are also an issue if they are timber and are not treated or painted when required, don’t let this happen to you.

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