Sometimes we all need a little change in our lives. No matter what part of life we are currently in, it is good to mix some things up a little. One way to do this is by giving your home a little makeover in just a few week’s time. It can be as big or little of a commitment as you want it to be. There are some easy ways that can make your humble abode an even more enjoyable and happy place to live in!

Elegant living room design


Painting is a project that can completely transform any room in the house. If you want to give your kitchen, living room, or bedroom a makeover–the first step is paint! Luckily, there are endless amounts of color you can choose from and then you can change up some decorations according to that. If you have a dark room you have been wanting to brighten up, try a white tone to open up the room.

You can also take this time to see if the outside of your house needs some updated paint jobs. If there is a particular area that gets a lot of rain and dirt, settle in on that. Chip the loose paint off, clean off the dirt, and recoat the color. It will make a huge difference and you will be extremely satisfied when you see the results.

Fresh facade paint

Treat Yourself

There are certain items that everyone wishes they had in their home. It varies among the type of person, but do not stop yourself from getting it! If you have gone back and forth between something, go and try it out. Worst case scenario, you can always return it. If you are really feeling about treating yourself, you should get a luxury mattress. Sleep is such an essential part of every day that you may as well enjoy it!


The best way to create a more modern look in either your kitchen or bathroom is tiling the floor. The tile gives a clean and chic look and will last a long time. The tiling does not have to be expensive or even a hard job to accomplish. You can make the measurements yourself and cut the tile deemed necessary around cabinets or other built-in furniture. Plus, picking out tiling can be extremely fun, there are many different colors and designs to choose from!

Kitchen floor tiling

Clean Your Carpets or Rugs

Getting your carpets or rugs professionally cleaned will make an astounding difference in your home. It will immediately freshen up your space so every time you walk into a room it feels thoroughly pure. Even if you do not have carpets or rugs, look to get your wooden floors cleaned as well. Years of buildup will be gone, resulting in crisper, more expensive-looking floors.

Add Lighting

Including more lighting throughout your house will certainly brighten up the entire space. Adding lighting can highlight the unique parts to your home as well as make it feel more spacious. You can find floor lamps or table lamps that are fit for your style or even purchase new shades or blinds that let in more light. If there are outdated light fixtures, it might be time to upgrade them to a more modern or stylish option. You can also go around your house replacing light bulbs and double-checking everything is working smoothly.

Interior lighting

Upgrade Towels and Shower Curtains

Whether you realize it or not, your towels are always on display. Everybody uses them daily, so updating them can make a real difference to your home. Do not forget to keep them neat and tidy as well!  Not to mention every time somebody walks into the bathroom they immediately notice the shower curtain, and this is a cheap way to draw better positive attention to your shower. Replacing it can give the entire bathroom a new feel!

Clean Up that Messy Landscaping

Dedicate a weekend to tidying up your lawn as best you can. Low maintenance landscaping now can make a huge difference to the overall appearance to your house. Pull out those weeds, sweep off your sidewalk, pick up the sticks in your yard, and most of all, add some greenery to the scene! Plant a tree, buy some ferns, purchase some flowers and give your lawn a little bit of Tender Loving Care.


Update Your Main Entrance

The first thing you see when your guests see when they arrive and the last thing they see when they leave is your main entrance. Entry doors are architectural components that should represent your style and class of the home. You should organize the miscellaneous things around your door and keep them tucked away in a closet or bins. You can also add accent features to make your entrance pop for that first impression. For example stained glass, solid wooden door, iron handle, or highlighting the door’s trim.


Remodeling your home sounds like a long and painful process, but with these changes, you can upgrade your home within a matter of weeks. It will make your home feel fresh and new without a huge time commitment!

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