It’s an age-old question, and the answer generally varies from home to home, but there’s no denying that there are pros and cons for both hardwood flooring and carpeting. Weighing up these advantages and disadvantages is perhaps the best method of letting yourself decide once and for all exactly which flooring suits you and your family best. To make this process a little easier for you, we’ve decided to provide you with a definitive list of all the best and worst things about your future flooring. Read on to unearth all that these floors have in store.

Living room with hardwood floors and carpet

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can feel perfectly at home in a variety of different interior design styles. Contemporary minimalist spaces and vibrant bohemian interiors alike can really come alive with a hardwood foundation. Timber, however, is a unique material when it comes to home design, and it needs to be treated quite specifically to ensure that your hardwood flooring keeps up its lustrous sheen for years to come. A quality hard floor cleaner may help inhibit bacteria from building up between gaps in your floorboards, and keeping bacteria away is vital to ensuring that your flooring experiences no cracks or widening of pre-existing gaps.

Alongside this need for specialty cleaning, it’s also worth noting that hardwood floors can be particularly sensitive to moisture and can be susceptible to mould as a result. Naturally, your timber flooring will need to be kept dry wherever possible to ensure that no stains emerge on the boards. Water stains and other forms of liquid stains can be quite hard to treat once they emerge, so it’s necessary to have a touch of vigilance in and around your home.


When we think ‘carpets’, we think of getting out of bed on a winter morning and still feeling warm and cozy. We think of plushness below our feet, and sitting comfortably cross-legged virtually wherever in your home you may be. Carpets tend to offer a level of luxury that’s largely unmatched by other kinds of flooring. And with the immense array of carpeting types and styles out there for you, you’re bound to find a fibre and color scheme that works for you and your interiors.

But what are the pros of carpeted floors? Like hardwood floors, carpets can be quite susceptible to picking up stains, but carpets can be stained by a myriad of other sources over its hardwood cousin. Dropped foods, beverages, and even dirt that’s brought in from people’s shoes can leave long-lasting marks on carpeting, and correcting these blemishes requires a fair amount of resources! Sometimes spot cleaning isn’t enough, and stains need to be treated with a thorough shampoo or deep clean. It’s a hard task and one that’s required semi-regularly to ensure that your carpets don’t become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Making Your Decision

Be sure to discuss this issue with your family members or other members of your household, as your decision may be influenced by these people as well. If you have any people with asthma or allergies living in your household, be sure to select a flooring that’s suitable for these individuals, that is a flooring that’s hypoallergenic and can be cleaned without the use of chemical cleaners and other irritants that may exacerbate symptoms of their allergies.


Be sure to also pay mind to which sections of your house are fitted with hardwood and which are fitted with carpeting. Hardwood may work better in living spaces, but carpeted floors can be a fantastic asset to any bedroom. So long as you gather your family’s input, you’ll be sure to make all the right calls!

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