From wine, nail varnish, chewing gum to paint, all these household essentials can soon become a battlefield for disaster if spilt on carpets, rugs or sofas.

Tips for Removing Carpet Stains - red wine

To help you quickly remove these stains, with the least amount of damage, we spoke with the team at home wear store TJ Hughes (operating in the UK), who’ve kindly put together their top tips for removing common stains. Keep these tips close to hand, as you never know when you may need them next.

Chewing gum in the carpet

Chewing gum stuck in to carpet can be nightmare to remove. Before attempting to clean the mess, leave the chewing gum to dry (as hard as this may be) then use an ice cube to solidify the gum. Once hardened, use a blunt knife to scrape away as much of the chewing gum as possible, finish with a hover to remove the last of the mess.

Paint stains

This is a common problem for many people when decorating their home, and the smallest drip of paint on the carpet can be a nightmare to remove. For oil-based paints, leave the mess to dry, use turpentine or mineral spirits, and apply the liquid to the carpet using paper towels, blotting until the paint starts to remove. Following on from this, blot the area using a rubbing alcohol to remove any chemical residue left over from the turpentine. Finally, clean the stain using a sponge with a mild detergent, then a sponge with clean water to finish the clean-up process. Do not use too much water during this process and dry the damp area with a towel or a wet vacuum – VAX Hoovers (operating in the UK) have a great range of wet and dry / steam vacuums perfect for this job.

No matter what kind of paint has been spilt, always use dry paper towels and a blotting action for removing the stain, rubbing will only work the paint further in to the carpet.

How to remove ink

Blotting is the best way to get rid of the mess. Use a rag of material dipped in alcohol and repeatedly dab the ink. Another removal solution is to lubricate the stain with WD40 (buy on Amazon), and then rinse with warm soapy water.

Red wine stains

Red wine stains can be tricky to remove, but acting fast is key to how successfully you get rid of the stain. First, use a white cloth to soak up as much of the wine as possible, and then add a touch of water to the remaining stain to dilute the wine, repeat the blotting process with a white cloth to soak up the remainder of the wine. Following this, use a 3-1 ratio of baking soda/water to create a thick paste, and smooth over the remaining stain. Once the paste has dried on to the stain, use a high quality vacuum cleaner to remove the dried solution.

Nail Varnish

Spilling nail varnish on to the carpet or sofa is a common slip for many – and the darker the color of the nail varnish, the more difficult it is to remove. There are a number of suggested ways to remove nail varnish, from hairspray to oven cleaner, but we have found the best way is to use clear, fragrance free nail varnish remover. NOT TO RUB and use an old rag of material, dipped in nail varnish remover and blot the stain repeatedly. If the stain does not clear, leave to dry for around 15 minutes and try this method again.

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